Deer Soup
Mark can cook

I put this up on Facebook but not everyone can see it.

First, I plead not guilty. This was a baby eight point. I did not shoot him. I found him dead in the woods and thought he would make a great Halloween decoration. Aunt Beverly wondered why Wink wouldn’t let me do this indoors! He was a little knarly when I found him and was dripping maggots. I used a hatchet and decapitated him and then bagged his head. Apparently it is an eight hour task to turn him into a European Mount. So here is the start of the tale:


Maggot Head

So I researched it on the Internet, where the answers must be right. I picked the recipe that was easiest for me. One group cautioned against using too much bleach and advocated using 40% hydrogen peroxide from a hair styling salon. I picked a recipe using borax as the whitening agent. Not convinced it was a good choice. Everyone said do it outside. Some even advocated discarding the old clothes afterwards.

The goal is a European Mount. Here are some examples from Mark’s garage. Again, I did not shoot this guy!!!!


European Mount



The only difference is this guy will have the full skull. I suppose that is a good addition to Mark’s man cave (the garage?). 

For those intrepid out there, here is the recipe:









End Round One


More later.