Twas a Feast

I woke up Thanksgiving morning and we were still in Kansas. We’ve been waiting for the tornado to take us to Oz but it hasn’t happened yet. After the election this fall all I can say is that sometimes people get the government they deserve. Frank wrote the book about it: ‘What’s the matter with Kansas?’ It is discouraging to live here.

Wink, Andrew and I were home alone for Thanksgiving. Meg put on Thanksgiving for her dormies in Portland. She said it went well and sent pictures. So I said I would blog to share our feast.


Dinner Table Set

Since there were only three of us, Wink just bought a single breast.


Turkey Breast


Carving Board


Table Set and Serving


Happy Thanksgiving


A Feast


Ever Hopeful Dog



So we had turkey, stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, corn pudding, gravy and green beans. We had a white wine to go with it. The dog very much wanted to be included. We ate the main meal and were too full to have pie right away. So we waited a few hours and had pie and leftovers for dinner. We had champagne with the pie. It was lovely.

It was a good thing Wink only got a breast. The leftovers lasted until Saturday lunch and made three turkey sandwiched for each of us. We worked on the yard Saturday cleaning the gutters, trimming bushes and mulching leaves. While we were trimming the bushes, Frodo was inside with Andrew. He used a trick he learned from Chester and knocked the kitchen garbage can over which had the turkey carcass in it. It doesn’t look like he got any of the bones, but for some reason, his stomach is upset. He dragged that carcass all over the dining room carpet and for some reason Wink is upset.

All our leaves aren’t down yet, so we will need to mulch leaves one more time.  We won’t put up our outdoor lights until the mulching is  finished. We’ll be sure and blog when it becomes an official Moeller Christmas season.



Mark, Wink and Andrew