New Microwave


Andrew and I traveled to New York to spend Thanksgiving with Nancy. We booked on Northwest Airlines, which is really pronounced Delta. We connected in Memphis. There were no problems with the flight. We landed at LGA without incident.


We took a taxi to Nancy’s apartment. Andrew felt like it was a living Grand Theft Auto Game. It started poorly with the taxi driver taking off while I was only half way into the car. The driver spent the whole time talking on his cell phone. At least he wasn’t texting, I think.  The ride was so exciting, I was tempted to fasten my seatbelt. We did finally arrive at Nancy’s and the driver went a block past the building same as last time I came.


We went out and got carry out Chinese food for Monday night. Nancy had planned to feed us chili with beef and cumin in it, but we demurred. The Chinese food was excellent.


Tuesday morning we took on the task of installing the new microwave. Here it is in the box.

New Microwave in box


We started by reading the directions. This may seem like a strange concept, but in this case it was very useful. The microwave comes configured to be connected to an exhaust vent. In an old kitchen, it needed to be reconfigured to be recirculating. We took the microwave out of the box and did an inventory.


The next step was to remove the old microwave and put it in the box.

Old Microwave


Removing the old microwave was not a problem. It was held in place by three screws and a bracket at the back. Like Nancy said, when we started to remove the microwave, we found out it was a cockroach graveyard. These guys weren’t as big as I expected but Andrew didn’t like his cockroach shower. So we paused to clean it up a bit before removal.


The next step was to clean the cabinets after the microwave removal. Nancy accomplished this in short measure.



The microwave was from the same manufacturer as the previous. So it was an easy install.  We were able to reuse the old bracket and the holes in the top were the same, so we didn’t have change the mounting. The scews were shorter, so we used the new screws. We configured the microwave to be recirculating and installed on the existing bracket.



We plugged it in and everything worked.

New Microwave


We took the old microwave to the basement to have it put out in the trash.


We went grocery shopping to supplement the Chinese leftovers for lunch. We bought a twelve pound turkey for Thanksgiving.


Tuesday evening, we went and got a large lounge chair from Terri. This was quite an adventure. Unfortunately after dropping the chair twice and not being able to get it out of the elevator at Nancy’s apartment, it requires some minor rehabilitation.


I will try to keep up Ellen’s blogging tradition. We are less likely to shave our heads.


Wednesday seems to be a slow day. We are currently focused on napping.