Nancy’s Pictures


One of the tasks remaining in decorating Nancy’s apartment was to hang some pictures. This was relatively easy to do because even though she has plaster walls, there was a picture molding around Living Room and the guest bedroom. We only tackled the Living Room this trip. We hung this picture first as it was the heaviest. We double hung it on brass hanging hooks. Here is a before and after picture.



Then we moved on to the next wall. Again before and after.

IMG_3633.JPG IMG_3636.JPG

The we tackled the big wall over the couch. These were special pictures from Dubuque. One was from mom’s collection. Nancy acquired the other two in Galena. They were painted by Mulgrew. We think the model was Captain Janeway; Kate Mulgrew.



Then we tackled over a bookcase on the same wall.



So Nancy says the apartment looks a lot better with pictures hung.

Not everybody was happy with the changes. The Iraqi cats were inconvenienced by the changes. Maxine hid under the couch and we had to move it to hang the pictures. Minnie was in her basket under the coffee table and got moved around as well.


Arte was nonplussed.


There were still pictures to be hung in the guest room. I guess that will wait for Christmas when Rod and Susan plan to visit.


Andrew and I caught a plane home Saturday morning.


So we got the microwave installed, furniture moved and pictures hung.



Mark and Andrew