Mark Went Hunting



Early Season Photo

We leased the hunting land again this year. I wanted to do better than the last couple of years so we invested in a trail camera. So we got pictures of the deer as they pass by. We know the deer on the property. The kids accuse me of salivating over the hunting camera pictures and saying ‘I would shoot him.’ There are about six different deer that I said that I would shoot.


Sunday night was a new moon with the moon setting within a minute of the sun. There was a stiff breeze out of the South. The deer didn’t come out until sunset. Then they came out in force. In Kansas, you can hunt until one half hour after sunset. The first deer that came out was a young buck that had shown up on the trail camera. He has a tall rack but I think of him as basket head.


Basket Rack

The second deer that came out was a prong. He stayed North of me. Something kept him from stepping out.



With very little time left, this guy stepped out. I recognized him from his trail cam pictures and he is one of the deer that I said I would shoot, so I did.


MDGC0141 MDGC0053 

Shooter Buck (now named Skippy)

So I shot the buck mostly broadside at twenty yards. I heard the arrow hit and he headed North. I extracted to the South and called the kids to have them come help me track him. There was no moon and it was full dark. It took the kids about an hour to get there. So we immediately headed to the stand and looked for the arrow. We found the arrow and there wasn’t a lot of blood on it. That was disconcerting because I thought it was a good shot. Andrew found the blood trail. He said there is something primal in following a blood trail at full dark. Meg and Andrew  followed the blood trail about 100 yards and found Skippy lying in some brush. He was heavy and it took all three of us to extract him.




It turns out it was a pretty good shot and the arrow hit him in the heart. My first impression of a good hit was correct. So we dragged him to the truck and then field dressed him.


Shooter Buck

So I got my shooter buck this year. We only get one buck tag a year in Kansas. So I have to wait another whole year before I can trophy hunt again. There are at least five other deer that we can identify in Skippy’s class on the land. I also think there are at least two that are bigger. Something to look forward to next year. I still have a doe tag and two turkey tags………..




That’s all for now.