December 2009

Just a quick note to bring everyone up to date. First it looks like it will be a Moeller Christmas after all:


Christmas Decorations

We worked hard on Saturday getting everything set up. We cleaned the gutters for a final time. We raked and mulched the leaves. We moved furniture in the Living Room and got set up for the tree. Then we set up the Christmas tree. After the lawn was cared for, we set up THE Christmas Decorations. We also cleared out an area in the garage and moved the deck furniture into the garage. We got the picture insert for the Christmas cards done and are starting on the cards. All in all, a busy weekend.

Saturday night to celebrate, we made homemade pizza. Wink made the crust in her bread machine. Andrew and I helped eat it. We made two twelve inch pizzas, a cheese pizza for Andrew and a veggie for Wink and I.






Not too much else to say. I went deer hunting and got my buck this year. I had him processed into venison jerky per Megís request. There was a twenty-five pound minimum for the processing. This used up all the steaks and roast except for the backstraps, which I sent to Meg. She wanted some steaks and I promised Susan and Nancy some venison roast for Christmas. It turns out Skippy didnít fill the order. I have hunted casually to fill my doe tag. I passed up some shots and now I regretted it. It is firearms deer season in Kansas and I prefer not to hunt it. I have now hunted it twice to fill my doe tag for the Christmas orders. I prefer to call it harvesting instead of hunting. I used Megís 243 on a quartering away shot on a mature doe. She didnít even take a step. So I would like to introduce Miss Venison Roast and Venison Steak:



If I look cold and unhappy, it is because I am. I just sat two hours in a tree stand in freezing drizzle. Then I had to retrieve the deer and field dress it alone. The hard part was loading her into the truck. It is freezing outside tonight, so she is in the truck. She goes to the processor tomorrow. So I have my Christmas Venison. I have filled my two deer tags. I still have two turkey tags so I will hunt for turkey now.

Not much goin on in Kansas.