World Smile Day Cake

We have a quest every Friday at the office. It started as a quest for the best burger in Wichita. This year the quest has morphed into a international food fest. We are currently sampling Thai restaurants. We try to celebrate a suitable holiday each week. I will blog in more detail about this someday. But as a part of the weekly celebration we make theme cakes. Stacy has been the main provider of cakes but is gone this week. She asked Wink to make the cake this week and the Holiday is ‘World Smile Day!’

So Wink agreed to make a suitable cake for our Quest. Here it is:


Step One: Bake two cake mixes in mixing bowls


Step Two: Remove from bowls, cool, frost with cover coat and allow to dry


Step Three: Draw Map of globe


Step Four: Frost in oceans and continents


Step Five: Assemble two hemispheres


Step Six: Frost in oceans and land for Southern Hemisphere


Final Step: Apply smiley to globe


Thank you for a job well done.

Now Mark has to safely transport the cake to work.



Mark and Wink