Winter is Coming

Life is hard. It is tough to live in Kansas, boring Kansas. We just work, work and then more work. Oh my…….

Meg is home for fall break. There is a blizzard warning for Northwest Kansas. It is spitting rain and there is a cold North wind here.

Last Sunday was a blustery day, but Wink, Meg, and Mark ventured out to the Fall Renaissance Fair at the Sedgwick County Park a.k.a. the local ‘hive of scum and villainy.’ They advertised it as an Oktoberfest, so how could Mark possibly resist? Mark and Meg attempted to dress for the occasion.


There were vendors, music, art, jousting, crafts, games of skill, and food.




Jousting (Frisian Horse)


Game of Skill


Armor Vendor


Pirate Music (the Musical Blades)


Society for Creative Anachronism

Meg got a music CD from the singing pirates and we have been listening to it since. It is full of bawdy drinking songs. Meg got a huge turkey leg at the food court. Wink and I had an Oktoberfest beer and tried the pumpkin spice beer. We passed on the mead this year.


We went directly from the RenFair to a cello concert at WSU. Jakob Jerzy Ormsky (Meg’s favorite cellist) had a recital. It was very avant-garde, not quite what we were expecting. It combined mime, cello, piano, and poetry.

Tomorrow is mole day 10-23. We had a quick dinner and then prepared an army of moles to take over the lab. Here is Meg playing with her dinner.


Hot Dog and Beans

IMG_2581.JPG IMG_2582.JPG




Army of Moles Ready for Transport

That is all from Boring Wichita.


Mark, Wink and Meg