September 2008 Blog

Not much news. It is already October and I am just getting to the September blog. We are having a blustery day. Cold is low in the 60’s and high in the 70’s., that’s Kansas in the fall. I would like a frost to reduce the bug count a little and Wink would love it to reduce the weed pollen in the air.

            We went to the art and craft show at Botanica , the Wichita Botanical Gardens, a couple weeks ago. We had a nice lunch and enjoyed the crafts. The rose gardens were at their prime. Wink thought dad would have enjoyed them.


Craft Show at Botanica





Last weekend we had a busy time. We went to the Final Friday gallery crawl  in downtown Wichita. Then Saturday morning we got up bright and early and went to the Scottish festival in McPherson, Kansas. We went with another couple this year and had a good time. Here is some evidence:


 Massed Pipe Bands


March of the Clans – Clan MacPherson

            The MacPherson clan was represented this year. Wink’s mother was a MacPherson and so she got the material to join the clan. The other couple thought it would be nice to dress up next year and more fully participate. So here is a link to the tartans: I think if I were to wear a kilt next year it should be with the Red Modern style as it would suit my coloring better. At first I thought the hunting kilt would reflect better but I need your vote.

            Wink really enjoyed the music. There was a lot of variety. She liked the ‘indie’ style Celtic bands the best. There was a jam session in the evening that we missed. The headline bands were OK but some of the lesser known groups were really fun to listen to. We also watched some Scottish dancing:


Sword Dance



Jam Session Music Tent

There were also skills on display and Scottish athletic events. One of the events that caught our eye was a falconry exhibit. Here are a few pictures of the birds.





            Saturday evening we hurried home, got cleaned up and went to Wichita Symphony Pops, Cherish the Ladies: So it was a day full of Celtic music. A good time was had by all.

            Wink got the carpets cleaned. This is a delaying tactic because they someday need to be replaced. The furniture dislocation confused the animals.


Furniture Dislocation


Confused Animal


More later.


Mark and Wink