Megís a Reedie

Meg applied to exactly one college last year. She was fortunate and got accepted at her only choice, Reed College in Portland, Oregon. It is a major undertaking graduating from High School and relocating half way across the United States to a new school. First we moved Meg from Bloomfield Hills, MI to Wichita, KS. Wink, her mom and I went to Megís graduation from Cranbrook Schools. Mark and Meg drove her car to Kansas. (Because freshman arenít allowed to have cars, Mark has a new vehicle for commuting to work.) What we couldnít stuff in the car, was shipped by UPS. This included the contents of her dorm room and her room at Andrewís apartment. It was a considerable chore. We donít recommend shipping bicycles by UPS. Even though we took the bike apart, it was still delivered damaged.

We had all summer to filter Megís stuff into give-away, store and forward to college. Meg didnít knuckle down until the week before we had to leave. I guess she was in a state of denial. We shipped a trunk, three boxes, bedding from JC Penney and her textbooks from Amazon. She took a suitcase and a large duffle on the plane. When we got up there we shopped for three days to outfit the dorm room. Wink is concerned about the reverse process next spring!

Meg got her dorm assignment over the summer. She has a divided double in a SciFi-Fantasy themed dorm. Here she is outside her dorm.


The rooms are very cozy. It was hard to get a picture of the whole thing. Her roommate is a sophomore transfer student from Bowdoin.They are a short walk from the academic buildings.


Doorway to the Divided Double


Meg has the inside room of the divided double.

We left Wichita for Portland on Monday afternoon. Then we spent Tuesday setting up her bank account and shopping. It would have helped to have her correct social security number L, but we got a checking account started at least. Reed has two days of parent orientation. After convocation they take a group picture of the class of 2012 from the top story of the administration building, Elliot Hall.


2012 Class Photo

The campus is very lush and green compared to Wichita, with huge trees. It was sunny anddidnít rain the entire time we were in Portland. Wink really liked the look of the campus. This is a picture of the old dorm block.


Old Dorm Block (we think)

Markís earned time off this year has been spent on delightful things like moving Meg from Michigan to Kansas and then moving her to Oregon. In between, we made two family trips, Jeanís Graduation Party and Revaís birthday party. We also took the French student to the Hutchinson Cosmosphere and the salt museum. Moving Andrew from Michigan lurks at the middle of December after he graduates from Oakland University.

Since we were in Portland, we decided to take a couple of extra days and explore the area. Wink said she wanted to put her toes in the Pacific Ocean. So we headed off on an adventure. We picked Lincoln City because we could hit a few wineries on our way back to Portland. We watched the fog roll in off the Pacific.


Lincoln City Beach looking North


Stairs to the beach


Tsunami Warning!

Mark wanted to get some seafood while we at the ocean. So we found a seafood restaurant next to the beach public parking. We were lucky and got there early as the lot was full when we came out.


The seafood was most enjoyable. We had a marvelous ocean view. We watched the kite flying and playing on the beach. Wink liked the clipper ship kite.





After lunch we walked out on the beach and Wink got her feet wet, brrrr.



On our way back to the car we saw a wonderful sand castle.



We spent longer than we expected on our ocean adventure. Oregon has many delightful wineries and we researched them prior to our trip out. We expected to go to four or more but only had time for two. We choose Sokol-Blosser and Ponzi as our stops. It is expensive to ship the wine back to Kansas. It would double the case price. We did buy a six pack box and brought them back as checked luggage. I am happy to report that they all made it to Kansas intact. Some wines are only available at the Winery.


Sokol-Blosser Winery

On our last day in Portland, we decided to go downtown to the Saturday market under the Burnside bridge. We took Portlandís light rail service, the TriMet. Mark enjoyed a ten minute seated massage.


Next we walked up Burnside to Old Chinatown for lunch. Wink enjoyed the Dim Sum at Louieís.


Old China Town Gate



Dim Sum

After lunch we continued walking up Burnside and stumbled on a juried art craft show in a park in the Pearl District. There were lots of wonderful things. We mostly looked because of the logistics.


Art and Craft Show

Our primary destination was Powellís Book store. We passed Powellís technical Books on the way. It is a massive collection of books from every genre you could imagine. It was an expensive stop for us. We found four early Kansas books for Meg. This summer, Meg enjoyed participating in some reenactment activities at Wichita Old Cowtown Museum (in 1880ís costume). Wink also got some archeology books. Luckily our suitcases just squeaked by at 48.5 pounds!


Powellís Book Store

We made it home safe to Wichita. It was strange coming home to an empty house. We canít pick up Frodo until tomorrow.



Mark and Wink