Not a Good Deal

Could be worse! Wink was doing some routine cleaning this past week when she noticed a water spot on the master closet ceiling above my clothes. She brought it to my attention Sunday night. So when I touched it, it burst and started leaking. We were a little nonplussed  and set about trying to figure out what was leaking. Wink went upstairs to the kid’s bathroom and tapped on the tub. It seemed like a likely candidate because early last spring we had replaced the tub handle. An alternate hypothesis was that a serviceman had moved the satellite dish to the outside of that wall recently. So we shut off the water to the upstairs bathroom and decided to wait until the morning to deal with the mess. We also moved most of the closet contents to the spare bedroom upstairs.


The Leak

We decided to call the plumber first. So Sunday night we put the trouble call into the plumber. Then Wink called the insurance agent Monday morning. Once we notified them that we might file a claim, the insurance people took over. We have $1000 deductible. But the insurance people worry about mold and the casualty had the possibility of being significantly over a $100, they got their people involved right away.


Drip, Drip, Drip ………….

Monday morning the plumber determined that the drip was caused by improperly splicing the feed pipe to the tub during the update. The workman used the wrong nipple to splice the pipe and it had been slowly leaking for seven months. L


Service Master

So Monday evening the ServiceMaster people showed up and started the drying out work. The first step was to assess the damage. This was done by cutting away the part of the ceiling that was destroyed by the drip. Because it was a corner, the drip affected the walls as well as the ceiling. Luckily the mold was only growing on the ceiling so they treated the area with fungicide and set up a fan and dehumidifier to dry the area out.


The Culprit

It turns out that there was a slow leak up near the faucet handle and the water ran down the pipe and collected on the ceiling.

It has been a hectic week for Wink. The coming and going of workmen certainly contributed. We are also trying to figure out how to move Andrew from Michigan to Kansas. He is one term paper away from graduating from Oakland University. She filled out an online form for moving quotes and she has been deluged with calls ever since. We still have a ways to go before we decide what to do. Do we hire a moving company, rent a u-haul, ship or drive his car etc? Some companies estimate the job  blind and others come out to do an inventory. The people you talk to are almost as sleazy as used car salespeople. We hope to decide what to do by the end of next week.

There was also an election. “Yes, We can!”  We have high hopes that Obama will be a good chief executive for this country. He certainly inherits a mess of major proportions.

There is a certain amount of economic uncertainty to add to our stress level as well. Spirit will shut down the plant for a week at Thanksgiving and for two weeks at Christmas. The Boeing engineers may go on strike adding further uncertainty to the mix. Airplane orders are slowing down and being cancelled because of the credit freeze.  Local airplane companies have frozen hiring and laid people off including engineers just last week. Ford looks like it will go bankrupt and turn over its’ pension obligations to the FPBGC (Feds). Of course the pension is significantly underfunded, so that I probably won’t see any of it. I would have been eligible for pension and health insurance benefits starting February 2009. Bad timing. Our investment accounts like everyone else’s have been affected as well.

Ah well, we continue to muddle along.

Any bets on how much the $0.25 error is going to cost us?!

Wish we could be a little more upbeat. Guess it has been a rough week!



Mark and Wink