Mark’s Belated Birthday


Not too much to say.  The flu caught up with us on February 19, 2008.  Mark got a chill and was unable to control his shaking.  He asked Wink to take him to an emergency room.  By the time we gathered resources enough to accomplish the task, the worst was over.  About two days later, Wink had a similar episode.  So much for celebrating a birthday.


Master of Arms


So we decided to celebrate the big day on Sunday.  We had left over pumpkin from last weekends pumpkin waffles.  So we made pumpkin pancakes with the leftovers.  Here is the evidence.  It was a success.


Pumpkin Spice Brunch


Pumpkin Spice Pancake Batter



Pumpkin Spice So Nice


We took down a bird feeder we didn’t use and set up a squirrel feeder.  We have a bungee jumping squirrel feeder that we have some old video from.  Jim Moore gave us the feeder one Christmas a select few years ago.  We posted video from it for your enjoyment in the past.  It took a couple of weeks but we have one intrepid bungee jumping squirrel in Kansas now.  I planned to take some video for your enjoyment today.  I filled the bird and squirrel feeders today.  The squirrels like the bird food more than bungee jumping and so I don’t have any video for your enjoyment yet.


Bird Feeders


Squirrel Feeder


We fed the birds and squirrels.  Mark wanted seafood for his birthday.  We bought some shrimp and scallops for Mark’s celebratory feast.  We also got a skewer of chicken and another of beef for Wink.  We had fresh green beans for the vegetable.  We also had a baguette with Camembert cheese for the starch.  We cooked some bacon and sautéed the scallops in bacon grease and butter.  Then we created a sauce by adding wine and lemon juice to the drippings and reducing it by half.  The result was most satisfactory.  




Belated Birthday Feast


The Feast


We finished the meal with port and chocolate.  It was a splendid if belated birthday.


More later.



Mark and Wink