Crazy Cake 


I asked Wink for a Dr. Seuss cake for my birthday.  She thought I was nuts but she agreed to try.  We discussed it a bit and then agreed on chocolate and lemon for the base.  She bought two cake mixes and some rectangular, square, round and star shaped pans for the attempt. 


We decided to make the cake base in a rectangular pan and it was chocolate.  The square and round pans were lemon cake and the star topper was chocolate.  We made butter cream frosting and colored it with food coloring.


Frosting the Cake Base


Interested bystander


Lemon Layers and Chocolate Star


Making Frosting


Crazy Cake Construction


Crazy Cake for Mark to take to Work.


Meg asked to see how the cake turned out.  It had two cake mixes in it and two batches of butter cream frosting; two sticks of butter and two boxes of confectioners sugar.  It was magnificent.


I took the cake to work and we celebrated Mark’s birthday.


I have a back log of blogs or at least pictures.  Maybe the stories will escape someday.



Mark and Wink