Kansas Moeller Christmas 2007


We had a fairly subdued Christmas this year.  We got an early Christmas gift.  Meg got into Reed early decision.  This was fortuitous because it was the only school she had applied to.  Andrew is getting closer to graduation from College with an English major and a poli sci minor degree.  We expect to have two graduations this year.  Meg will graduate from Cranbrook in June.  Andrew will graduate from Oakland University at the end of the summer or in the fall.  Both kids are grown ups now as Meg will be eighteen in January so we didn’t get much in the way of exotic toys for Christmas.  In fact we decided to do something entirely different for our major Christmas purchase this year.


When we arrived in Kansas and started moving into our current house, we took Meg to the Andover Public Library.  The Andover Public Library is essentially a Quonset hut on Andover Road near our house.  Meg’s reaction to the kids’ selection was the “Wow, they really don’t teach the kids to read in Kansas!”   For the past two years they have been raising money to build a new library.  We have been supporting the capitol fund for the building which they have started constructing.  They reached out this year to help with furnishing the new library.  Our Christmas gift to the family is a new Moeller reading bench in an outdoor reading garden.  We have not selected the inscription yet and your input is welcome.  This will be a companion bench to the Mel Moeller Memorial bench in Dubuque, Iowa.


Current Andover Library – pic to be taken


New Andover Public Library – Construction pics coming soon


Moeller Bench in Library Garden



Kansas Moeller Christmas Tree








When we were shopping for the Christmas Party, Andrew and I picked up some Tequila and margarita mixings.   It seems Andrew has developed a taste for a margarita every now and then.  So as a Christmas present we picked up some middle shelf Tequila.  We got the Sauza 100% blue agaves Tequila, the Hornitos.  It cost a little more than twice what the basic Tequilas cost.  The concensus was that it was worth it.  There were some top shelf Tequilas that were out of our price range but maybe we will consider a tasting in the future.






We made roast beast for our holiday feast.  It turned out really well this year.  We timed it perfect for medium rare.  We cooked Andrew some baked chicken as he doesn’t eat mammal. 


The Roast Beast


Christmas Feast


And To All a Good Night!


We are all in Whitefish Montana for George and Rebecca’s wedding.  The trip to Whitefish will be the topic of a future blog.  I will update this blog when we get back to Kansas and I have access to my desktop so I can substitute real pictures for my abstract art. 


We had a very relaxed Christmas and then immediately trundled off to Montana in some incredible weather. 


More later.



Mark and Wink