Wichita Winter



For a long time after the November snow storm, it looked like Ole Man Winter was going to miss Wichita.  The snow melted and the grass greened and even some flowers peaked out.  But there was a storm in store for us.  We were most fortunate that almost all of the bad stuff stayed just to the East of us.  We were able to watch it on the local radar and wonder at it just grazing us.  We did get some or there wouldn’t be a story.


It started Friday afternoon.  My drive home from work was terrible because of the freezing rain.  The windshield wiper system and heater could not keep the windshield defrosted.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one with this problem.  I heard tales of it at work the next week.  After a long slow drive I did manage to get home safe.


We got snow into Saturday.  We were projected to get several inches but only got enough to keep the road crews busy.  I think we only got about three inches.  But it took so long to accumulate that they couldn’t keep the roads clean.  I guess part of the problem was it started as freezing rain.


Wink and I had a sewing class Saturday morning.  In spite of the snow we went to the class because they had not called to cancel it.  I guess the instructor tried to drive up for the class but finally chickened out.  So we were stuck on the other side of Wichita.  It was supposed to be a six hour class so we dropped the dog off for day doggie day care as that is too long to leave him alone in his cage.  The store opened an hour after the class was supposed to start.  As we were unloading the equipment, I noticed one of the tires was low.  So I took it to a gas station but it wouldn’t hold air.  The snow was still spitting and driving was unpleasant.  There was a tire place nearby and I drove the car with a slightly flat tire to the tire store.  They were busy and I got to wait two hours until they got to our car.


The long and short of it was the tire was not repairable.  The cut was through the sidewall.  So we are the proud owners of two new tires.  I had all the tires balanced and the new ones put on the front.  By the time I got back to pick up Wink, she was a little put out with me.  I tried to mollify her with a nice lunch at Panera.  It seemed to help a little.


We had symphony tickets for Saturday night.  The snow had let up a little Saturday afternoon, so we decided to attend.  The roads were much better Saturday evening than morning.  About half the people decided not to brave the weather.  They missed a great show.  Wink and I both enjoyed it immensely.  It even got a good review in the paper the next day.




The storm just didn’t let up.  We really got it on Sunday.  We were on the snow freezing rain cusp all day.  We got more sleet than freezing rain.  This was good because the sleet didn’t stick to the trees and bring them down.  The sleet did pack to about three inches on the ground.  We just stayed inside on Sunday.


The drive to work Monday was as challenging as the drive home Friday night.  So the storm lasted from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening.  My guess is other places had it much worse.  Unfortunately we had two visitors on Monday before we cleared the front walk.  When I went to walk the dog Monday morning, I was not willing to brave the front sidewalk as it was a sheet of ice.  The sleet had packed the steps completely and it was very slick.  One visitor was the contractor that is building our new bookcase and the other was a girl scout selling cookies.  Brave souls.


So the first thing we do when I get home from work is to clear the front walk.  This was Wink’s and my exercise for the day.  We had to chop the sleet that had congealed into ice sheets off the front walk.


Ice Blocks


It took all Monday afternoon to get the sidewalk clear and they weren’t bringing the bookcase until Friday.  We took Tuesday off as Mark came home and took a nap.  When Wink got the mail on Wednesday she decided the ice pack on the driveway had to go.  It was a chore and we both were very sore.


Driveway Ice


The kids next door found a good use for the ice bricks we were chopping from the driveway.  They selected the largest pieces and built a snow cave. (We gave them the idea.)


Snow Cave


Snow Cave


The bricks were just like Styrofoam only much heavier.

The other problem we had this week was that the below zero temperatures kept the garage door from opening or closing without assistance. Looks like we’ll be getting 3-6 inches of snow this Saturday. Maybe the kids can fill in the holes of the igloo now!

Maybe we can get out our X-country skis! We’ll let you know…


One other distressing thing is that many people in our subdivision have a Southern attitude about snow.  They don’t want to pay to have it removed as it will melt soon enough anyway.  So getting around the sub is still crazy.  Go figure……..


All for now,


Mark and Wink