Thanksgiving 2007 


Andrew only got a couple of days off for Thanksgiving again this year, so Meg was the only one able to come to Wichita for Thanksgiving.  Because there were only the three of us, Wink decided she didn’t want to go to all the effort of cooking.  We made reservations at a local eatery called the Palomino Grill.  This is an eating establishment in a local country club that is open to the public.


Andrew attended a Thanksgiving gathering with our friends, the Powells in Michigan.  It was, as usual, very kind of them to invite him and we know he had a great meal in good company.


Here are Mark and Meg sampling the food.  I can’t say it was an overwhelming success.  I sampled two white wines before giving up and drinking a red wine with the meal.  Meg was not a fan of their food. We all agreed we would do something else next year. 



Meg – Palomino Grill




Wink wanted left over Turkey so she bought a Turkey breast and we had a mini Thanksgiving meal Saturday night.  Now we have leftovers to carry us into next week.


It snowed Friday night.  Meg and Frodo went out to enjoy the snow.  There was an inch and a half on the ground when we got up Saturday morning.  The snow had melted off by late afternoon. Is this a hint of what is to come?




Next Morning


Snow in November


 Our Favorite Maple Tree

(One Week Earlier!)


Our plan was to have Meg picked up by Andrew at the airport Monday evening when she returns to school.  We are trying a new itinerary.  She has switched to American Airlines and will connect through Dallas-Fort Worth.  We were dissatisfied with Northwest’s performance in Memphis.  Also we want to avoid Minneapolis and Chicago in the winter.  So we will see how this works out. Hopefully she will make her connection and get back to Michigan okay. We plan to look up a map of DFW for her and do have some friends in Dallas just in case…


It turns out Andrew has class and can’t pick Meg up so we called Metro cab.  Initially the cab was set to take her to school, but Andrew called to tell us that she had left her car keys in his car!  Plan B is that she will be dropped off at Andrew’s apartment, they will have dinner together, and then he will drive her back to school and help her put her new Vanity license plate on her car.  Meg got a Kansas buffalo plate that says Gecko!  She has the dubious honor to have the only Kansas license plate at Cranbrook!


 We have a lot to be Thankful for.



Mark and Wink