Spring Break 2007


It is Spring Break 2007 in the Wichita Moeller’s household.  It is my task to bring you outsiders up to speed on how boring Kansas can be in the Spring.


Meg traveled to Wichita last Saturday.  It was a beautiful Spring day while the East Coast suffered from their continuing storm.  The Midwest was fine.  Andrew was kind enough to drive Meg to the airport.  Past experience suggested that they left the apartment in plenty of time, so there was no reason to hurry.  So the practical thing to do was stop for breakfast at Dunkin Doughnuts and pick up some reading material at Barnes and Noble on the way to the airport.  This cogitation did not take into account that the air traffic system was snarled by delays in the East compounded by being the first day of Spring Break for thousands of students.  Needless to say they were unpleasantly surprised to arrive at the airport and have lines too long to be able to check luggage and still make the flight.  It was a good thing Meg’s brother drove her to the airport.  He agreed to mail her luggage to her and she passed directly to the gate with only her carry on bag. She made it just as they were boarding her flight.


Meg’s parents were nonplussed by this development.  Weren’t breakfast and reading material readily available at the airport after check in?  Wink says I panicked and passed the phone to her.  I don’t think I was panicked, but it was beyond what I wanted to deal with first thing Saturday morning. 


When Meg arrived, we stopped at Plato’s Closet, a used teen clothing store and Walgreen’s to get some essentials for Meg.  Andrew was stuck mailing Meg’s suitcase to Wichita.  The store was closed Saturday and Sunday and there was a snowstorm Monday.  So he got it in the mail Tuesday with an expected arrival day of Friday.  I think Andrew is a trooper on this one.   It only cost $35.00 to mail her suitcase, which was a pleasant surprise.


Meg signed up for the SAT and took an SAT prep class.  Ever since they got her home address, we have been deluged with College mailings.  We didn’t suffer through this with Andrew for some reason.  She gets mailings from three colleges a day.  So we accumulated a few mailings and she paid appropriate attention to them.



Meg’s Mess




This effort has resulted in some significant discussion between Meg and her mother.  Getting a student into the right college is much more of an undertaking than I remember.  I guess I am naďve as I always thought there were only a few choices.  Maybe everyone imagines someone with a Kansas address really wants to escape.


New NEWS………  In 2006, Wink and I used to go to the YMCA to lift weights twice a week.  We stopped in September because we both suffered injuries.  I ended up with tennis elbow and she had trouble with her shoulders.  There were just some motions my left arm could not make without causing me significant discomfort.  I thought it was just the arthritis that I expect to get but finally relented and went to the doctor.  He gave me a shot and said to take some time off.  It actually got better.  Wink and I agreed to go back to the Y after Christmas.  It was St. Patrick’s Day and we hadn’t been back yet.


I got on a treadmill at the hotel when I was in Seattle for a week.  I was surprised at how different, hard it was compared to the orbital.  So I bought myself two new toys for St. Patrick’s Day.  I bought a treadmill and a weight bench.  They were installed Monday of Spring Break.  Let me introduce Mark’s new toys.


New Toy 1 - Treadmill


Nuther New Toy – Weight Bench


We got a Bowflex Treadmill.  This was the Consumer Reports highest rated foldable treadmill.  We started using the new toys Tuesday night.  Wink said and Mark concurred that using a Treadmill exercises different muscles than the orbital and therefore is hard.  We also started using the weights.  Mark slept Tuesday night much better than he has in the recent past.


Both the orbital and exercise bike need maintenance.  The bike’s electronics are starting to fail.  The bike still works but it is more than ten years old.  The estimate to fix the bike is $1000.00.  It would cost $1500.00 to replace.  Do the math.  We will use it until it fails and then replace it.  Wink and I are pretty good about exercising.  We watch the news together on our respective torture machine about five times a week.  This will just enhance the torture.


Here is someone who is nonplussed by the goings on.  He was however, very happy to see Meg.




Meg’s eating and sleeping habits are typical of a teenager.  I guess I’ll adapt.  She did enjoy an early morning Kansas thunderstorm.  It woke me up and kept her up.  It was about 5:00 AM.  I was tired all day and she got to sleep after it passed.  I guess that is what spring break is for.


Snack Time


Life is not all work in Kansas for Spring break. 


Monday night we had another wine tasting.  This time it was Merlot.  Here is a link to the Wine Tastings.  The wines ranged from $23/bottle to over $50/bottle.  All I can say is that Mark is not a Merlot fan.  There are lots of wines under that price point that I just like better.


Thursday night we plan to go to Footloose at the Crown Uptown diner theater.  I’ll try to report out about it next week.


Sunday night we go to the National Symphony.  I’ll send the review along with our critique as well.


I also ordered The Rosetta Stone Language software for French 1+2.  We plan to spend two weeks in France this summer.  Maybe I can find my way to the bathroom unaided?


Meg and Wink took advantage of decent weather i.e. not pouring buckets and checked out Towne West Mall today. Looks like Meg found a couple of pairs of pants and a top or two. That’s progress. She doesn’t seem to mind her limited wardrobe so far.

I cooked her favorite stir fry dinner tonight after a go on the new treadmill. For some reason Wink and I haven’t made it for a long time. The furry and feathered kids love to have rice.


More later,


Mark and Wink