Spring 2007



You canít convince me otherwise, the animals know it is spring.Meg talked us into taking a picnic to the Zoo on Sunday.The birds were being very territorial and posturing.The geese were fighting and pairing up.The swans were paired up.The turkeys were strutting.

Paired Up




It was a sunny, windy day.Wink was unable to keep her hat on.



Mark brought his usual gaggle of quarters.The zoo has a series of feeding stations and you get a handful of feed for a quarter. Here are Mark and Meg feeding the ducks, geese and fish.


Feeding the Fish




On Sunday night we went to the National Symphony.You can read the review here.The reviewer really liked it and we tend to agree.It was certainly larger, many more strings.


More ZOO Pictures


Saturday we went adventuring.Meg wanted to go downtown and visit some of the local sights.She also wanted to get some pictures of the street sculptures that are common to downtown Wichita.So we made an afternoon of it.We parked in the Library parking lot.Our first stop was the Sedgwick County Historical Society Museum.It is housed in the old library building.It is quite a structure.The museum fills four floors with interesting exhibits.






Old Car


Soda Fountain


Megís Favorite Sculpture


We wandered around downtown enjoying the walk and taking pictures.We finally ended up in Old Town and settled down to a nice steak dinner at Whiskey Creek.We had a pleasant dinner.


Whiskey Creek


Other than that, it is a quiet spring break around here.More later.



Mark and Wink