Another Weekend – Another SnowStorm


We had just gotten back to normal Thursday after last weeks ice storm.  It was possible to drive without too much trouble.  The subdivision was starting to melt out.  Wink even got out in Wichita’s miserable food shopping.  Then this Saturday morning we got freezing rain followed by snow.  I got up early Saturday morning to run some errands and pick up a prescription.  I almost had two accidents it was so slippery, so all I did was pick up the prescription and go home.  We had about six inches of snow when I shoveled it at 3:00 in the afternoon.  It continued to snow into Saturday night and was still snowing Sunday morning.  It was warmer Sunday morning and there were another two inches or so when I shoveled it.  The Sunday morning snow was wet and heavy.


So to cheer ourselves up for another indoor Sunday, we made snowflake pancakes.  Wink had some pancake molds (present from Susan Moeller we think).  I poured the batter into the mold and let it set.  Then removed the mold and flipped the pancake. Wink likes blueberries and coconut on her pancakes. The coconut was certainly appropriate. Love the way you pour the batter in the middle and it spreads out by itself. They turned out thick and yummy.


Snowflake Pancake Mold

Snowflake Pancake


Here are a few pictures of our snow for your amusement:

Wichita Winter

Poor Frodo


Frodo has a hard time in the snow.  The snow sticks to his fur coat and he comes in as a virtual snowdog.  The snow is now deeper than he is tall.  It takes a few minutes to defrost him when he comes in.


We have satellite TV and the antenna had so much snow on it that we lost reception.  I went out and knocked the snow off it using a broom and standing on a ladder.  Didn’t think it through carefully and ended up being right below it when the snow came down.  I guess I shouldn’t have been so lazy and gotten the longer and heavier ladder out.


Well today is a good day for indoor activities.  We took down the Christmas Tree and now need to rearrange the furniture.  We will clean the bird cages and give the birds their weekly baths.  Otherwise, it seems like a good day for a nap.


Fortress Wink (it was her idea) has been a week long continuous improvement project.  I think with the new building materials the improvements will continue.

Fortress Wink



More later,


Mark and Wink



Ps –Guess  I need to reset the date on the camera and Wink says I should turn off the date stamp! Just checking to see if any of you are alert out there!!