Savor the Moments: Holiday Tables
Wichita Center for the Arts


Wink really enjoyed the Center’s fundraiser called Holiday Tables. She went with a book club friend on Friday, had lunch, shopped in the shop, and enjoyed the show. She dragged me back on Sunday afternoon to photograph some of the tables. We both agreed that there are some very creative ladies in Wichita.  


Kirstie Alley’s and Robin Van Huss’ Winter Wonderland


A wonderful dressing table from Traditions


Savor the Sweet Moments


This table was a joint effort by Beth Tully, the owner of Cocoa Dolce, our favorite chocolate shop, and Kay Hallacy who owns Cottage Garden Floral And Gifts.


Busy Night


I guess this is a fantasy of what Santa does when he gets back to the North Pole.


Santa’s Bed


I love the mirror behind the bed!


Christopher Radko


This looks like a giant Radko ornament.


May Day


This was called “Evening Under The Maypole”. We loved the boxwood table top and floral placemats. Notice the basket behind each chair with an elegant napkin and silverware. This was done by Kendall Drake and Felicia Serrioz.


Evening Under the May Pole


Strut Your Stuff


This table just blew me away. The carved furniture was really interesting and the fabrics, embroidered peacock feathers, and other embellishments were wonderful.


Carved Chair


Carved Sideboard with peacock and other hunt scenes on china


Footed Bowl with roe deer and pheasant


“Good Evening Mr. Darcy Moments of Pride and Prejudice was simple but elegant with wonderful details. Loved the fabrics, the mirror, the letters all of it!


Pride and Prejudice and long gloves on a wooden tray


close up


Letter to Mr. Darcy


Letter to Miss Bennet


What a glorious collection of egg cups on a sideboard with flowers and a lovely mirror behind also part of the Austen vignette


Unleash The Holidays


This was a colorful mélange of animal toys and accoutrements. Hard to know where to rest your eyes!


Savor The Wild


I loved the turkey and the pumpkin tureen.


Savoring Moments with Hunting Buddies


Picnic on the Moon with Major Astro


Smart Lipo-Healing Waters Med Spa


Celebrating Our Founder, Jean Garvey by the Independent School


Mardi Gras Let The Good Times Roll


Loved the lobster banner and each chair had an elegant mask on it. Bet Rod and Susan will like this one!


There were about 33 tables but Mark’s camera ran out of space before we could photograph any more. I had also wanted a photo of a vignette called “Holiday Harpsichord High Tea” which had a lovely wooden harpsichord and harp plus a fantastic green swag with ribbon and a white wicker chandelier made up of a tea pot and cups and saucers.


 All in all this was a great fund raiser for the art center where I’ve been taking lamp work bead classes for the past year. It showcased some talented individuals and shop owners from Wichita. Now I can hardly wait for next year’s show. We have tickets to see “The Quilters” on stage at the Center next weekend with Meg.



Mark and Wink