Rough Week


This was a rough week for our critters.  We had a new roof put on the house Tuesday and Wednesday.  The workmen were here from 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM Tuesday and 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM Wednesday.  The banging was horrific and the critters alternately barked and cowered.  Wink didn’t dare leave the house because debris was raining down from the old shake roof.  She did manage to get a couple pictures to share.


Front of House


The primary reason we decided to change to a composite roof was to discourage our resident brown recluse spider population.  The secondary reason was fire safety.  So we were proactive about the change and decided to get a (fifty year) roof that is only warranted for ten years.  This roof is supposed to be hail and wind resistant.  We expect to get a discount on our home owners insurance.  Our neighbors like it and say it blends well with the other roofs in the neighborhood. Phew!  We worked hard to find the right color.


Removing Old Shake


The crew that did the roofing job were all Spanish speakers.  The foreman knew some English but Wink says only what he wanted to understand.  Wink was frustrated because they didn’t take care of the exterior of our house.  They dropped stuff on the shrubbery and left scratches on the deck we just stained.  They also left a huge mess Tuesday night because they worked until after dark. Nevertheless we survived it and like the results.


Garage Roof


Notice the varying stages of color in our trees: some have no leaves, some have just turned brown, and some have turned pretty colors. We have had a rather warm fall with just a few short cold snaps.


On Friday Wink went to a benefit for the Center for the Arts.  It was a display of  Holiday Tables and Vignettes. 


Saturday was another stressful day for the critters.  Wink and I started early to get the house ready for a burgers, drinks and football party.  The party started at 5:30 PM.  About 28 people from Spirit came. It was a pot luck so we got to share a lot of sides and desserts.  It is difficult to read the house number from the road.  So I was inspired to put up an appropriate sign for the meal.  Mike brought both venison sausage and jerky and we served both beef and venison burgers.  Frodo took great exception to the sign in his yard!


Party Sign


Mike and Joe came over early and helped us set up: a bar in the basement, the grill, and prepared the burgers.  Here are Mike and Joe cooking.


The Chefs


Dinner Time


Dinner Time 2


Verdi was a big hit at the party.  When we weren’t paying attention to him, he whistled.  Several people wanted to hold him.


Mrs. Lee


Katie Gallman


In spite of being jinxed by our football party, KU won the game.  It was close until the end of the third period and then they opened up a lead.  It was an enjoyable party.  One area for future improvement is that we set up the bar in the basement, but most people stayed upstairs and the kids took over the basement.  So next time we need to consider having a drink station upstairs.  The problem is Jing-Jing’s cage sits on the wet bar!  They are already planning the next party.  It seems we will host a movie night.


It was a successful week.  Meg will come home next Friday.  We are looking forward to seeing her. We have tickets for the Wichita Symphony and a play called “The Quilters” and reservations for TG dinner at the Palomino Grill nearby. Wink decided that creating a full TG meal for the three of us was wasted effort.


Additionally we got our airline tickets to go to Georges wedding just after Christmas.  All four of us will attend the wedding in Whitefish Montana.  It will be a Carroll reunion.  Maybe we will also have some pictures of dog sledding, skiing and enjoying the spa. We are looking forward to meeting Rebecca, George’s fiancée,  and her family.



Mark and Wink