Win Some, Lose Some


New Bookcase


This has been a work in progress since well before Christmas.Wink has been working on making this house into our home.She consulted with an interior decorator and collected some ideas.One of the things she wanted was a built in bookcase in the family room.The decorator gave her the name of a company which did custom carpentry.They came and drew up the designs for it before Christmas and came to install it this week.Even the pros make some mistakes.I think their excuse was that the floor was not level and the walls were not square.So Wink squandered two days this week while they worked on installing the bookcase.She said they were very professional and did a good job. We are very happy with our new bookcase.


In Progress


Wink unpacked our cdís, games, and cookbooks into the cupboards below the bookcase. It was great to finally get those boxes unpacked. The house has a built in Bose music system which pipes music throughout the house. Now we have easy access to the cds. ††We still have to do some work on the landing upstairs, but soon it will be a reading retreat.




We made a naughty breakfast on Saturday morning.The lead menu item for breakfast was dirt bombs.Dirt bombs are a muffin that is rolled in melted butter and then coated with cinnamon sugar.The combination leaves the muffin looking golden brown.When Wink started to use the microwave to melt the butter, it started arching and burned through the liner.The result smelled really bad.So we melted the butter in the oven and were only slightly inconvenienced at breakfast.So today I ran it to take a couple of pictures for your viewing enjoyment.It still smells really bad when it is turned on.I didnít get the quality of picture I was looking for but you can see the arching on the lower left side from the wall to the rack.




Misfortunately this is an old GE Spacesaver design.Spacesaver means it is smaller than modern microwaves. It is also integrated hood top, vent, light and kitchen timer.Our limited research suggests it is going to be a hassle to replace and semi expensive to replace.We were going to work on replacing it but decided to be lazy and hang out at home and enjoy the new bookcase.I guess we will go out to dinner tonight and drown our sorrows. You get one thing done and then something breaksÖ


We did go to the symphony last night.It had a unique format.They had a selection of pieces prepared and several people from the audience plus one orchestra member got to choose the music. They chose ticket stubs and the person had to go up to the stage, be interviewed, choose the next victim, and sit there while the piece was played. It was really quite entertaining.Both Wink and I enjoyed it.Here is the review:


We also had our monthly wine tasting Monday night.This month we tasted Australian Shiraz.The only thing I took away from it was that Mark likes CHEAP Shiraz.The food was a peppery steak, roasted vegetables, and peppery sweet potato puree.The wine needed the food to temper it.The audience agreed with Mark and choose the cheapest wine as itís number one pick.It was Milton Park Shiraz at $12.99 a bottle.Wink thought the more expensive stuff should have been held for about ten years but admits she is not a big shiraz fan. There is no bouquet to enjoy first. The more expensive choices did have more body and staying power.



Here are some pictures of a very spoiled dog. I took him to the drug store to pick up a prescription.We went through the drive through and the attendant gave him some dog cookies.He had a hard time figuring out what they were and so left them alone on the seat.We stopped at Dairy Queen and picked up some people treats.They also had a doggie sized bowl and Frodo really likes those.So we picked up people and dog treats.I made him wait until we got home before I gave him his treat.




Sure Beats Dog food!


I crumbled the dog treats into the ice cream and gave them to Frodo.He ate the ice cream around the treats and then figured out the treats were good to eat when he tried to lick the ice cream off the treats.I made up a new word: whimperish.It is not in as I checked.Frodo has dog dreams and he sometimes wakes us up as he twitches and whimpers.So a dogís life is not all cookies and ice cream.


This was the first weekend in two weeks that we didnít get a snow or ice storm. Does that mean that spring is coming?

Could be worse.



Mark and Wink