March in Wichita



Not much to report.  Life goes on and we still live in Wichita.  We’ll let you judge how it goes.


This was a busy weekend.  We subscribe to both the WGO – Wichita GRAND Opera and the WSO – Wichita Symphony Orchestra.  There are five Opera’s this year.  Two of them were this weekend.  Unfortunately there was also a symphony.   We had to exchange our Saturday evening symphony tickets for Sunday afternoon because we had an Opera Saturday night.  You would think they might have some overlap in subscribers and they could avoid that.  You’d be wrong.


Well the Opera put all their eggs in one basket.  They scheduled a Kansas native to sing, a bass named Samuel Ramey.  He sang the part of Scarpia in Tosca by Puccini.  The Symphony Hall was being used for a dress rehearsal for the Symphony, so the Opera was held in the convention center.  Over 3,300 people attended the Opera.  Not quite a sell out crowd but pretty close.  The hall was not acoustically optimum.  There was no orchestra pit, so the orchestra tended to drown out the singing.  Wink doesn’t really appreciate bass singers, but I liked it.  The reviewer agreed with us pretty much.  Here is the review:


The second opera was Turandot also by Puccini.  It is the story of the Ice Princess.  This Opera was held in an adjacent very small theater.  We were in row F center.  It was much more intimate.  Both Wink and I liked it much better than the big production.  The male lead and female slave were tremendous.  The female lead, Ice princess failed to inspire.  The review isn’t out yet, but here is a small piece about the opera.


Sunday afternoon we went to the Symphony.  It got a spectacular review in the Sunday paper so we went with high expectations.  We were not disappointed.   Here is the review:


Wink and I agree the Symphony is a local jewel. The Aussie born conductor is super and the WSU supplies profs and students which gives it great continuity. We haven’t been disappointed yet.


After the show we stopped at the Granite City brew pub for dinner on the way home.  Wichita has two brew pubs and we have checked them both out now.  Now Just in case Rod and Susan wish to come visit for Christmas some year, I will detail our culinary adventures.  Here is a Growler from Granite City:


72 oz of Bliss -


The other brew pub was the River City Brewery:


We actually liked Granite City much better.  The River City Brewery has a good location right in the middle of Old Town, Wichita but Granite City has better food, beer and ambiance.  I think I could talk Wink into going back to Granite City but not River City.


Last weekend we went to the Wichita Garden Show.  We felt it was not as nice as last year’s show.  However, last year they lost money.  So there were not as many fancy gardens and more booths of junk/merchandise.  I would say it was disappointing.  Here are some pictures for your amusement.  First there were three main gardens, a fountain, a boat and an old truck:








Sand Castle


There were some fabric arts from the Quilt Guild that Wink enjoyed.  Here is a sampling:


Fabric Art


Wink Liked this one


There were also flower pictures and flower arranging.  Here are a few entries:




more flowers


Our weather has become more spring like with temps near 70 off and on. The bulbs in the garden are coming up and spring birds are in full song. We’ve already had some sever thunderstorms in the state but luckily they missed us. Meg’s spring break starts next weekend so she’ll be home for two weeks and we are really looking forward to having her around.


Happy Spring to all.



Mark and Wink