July 4th 2007


Not too much to say.I havenít blogged in a while, just lazy I guess.In fact it has been so long since I blogged, I have forgotten how to do it.I have accumulated a bit of a back log in pictures.Iíll make an effort to get some out.


We had an informal gathering of the Moellerís over the fourth of July.Wink says I have to report out to those that didnít make it.Paul brought the boys, Ted and Sam.Rod, Susan, Henry and Max made it.Wink, Meg and I met Andrew in Dubuque.Patrick, Caroline, Matthew and Nathan were there.Even Nancy arrived from New York in spite of Jim breaking his foot playing football.Dad and Madonna rounded it out.Jean and Kevin came up for the fourth.


To tell you the truth, we were not sure we were going to make it.It seems we had a rainy spell here in Kansas. Meg enjoyed going on an adventure and seeing the local flooding.The sump pump was operating continuously.Our neighbors ended up flooding their basement.It was close for us.If we lost power and the back-up sump failed, it would have been a problem.We decided to travel in spite of the weather.


It was a tough slog out of Wichita.The flooding had not shut the Interstate yet when we left.We drove through four hours of heavy rain.Nowhere was the water flooding the road surface.You would not have wanted to stop on the shoulder in a few places though.The rain let up North of Kansas City, right when Meg started to drive.


Dubuque did welcome us with a nasty thunderstorm though.They had a really impressive storm on Tuesday night.The beds were bolted to the walls in the hotel and the thunder rattled the hotel.Andrew said it was like being in a free massage bed.


Paul and kids brought a series of toys.One of the ones that caught the imagination was the light sabers from Star Wars.We had a running series of battles from our arrival to our departure. Even ran out and bought two more!Most everyone was involved.




Ready for Anything


Get them when they are down


The Challenge


Help is around the corner


Jedi Master


Food was not a problem.Rod manned the grill to good effect.




We were not alone on the edge of the golf course.There were plenty of bugs.The lightning bugs provided lots of entertainment.There were also picnic beetles; and if you let them settle on you, they would end up biting.I kept trying to flick them into Nancyís drink, which was much appreciated by Nancy.


Lightning Bug


We went to visit the Mississippi River Boat Museum.There was quite a crew that went along.Paul and Nancy came with Paulís two boys.You would think with all the help we had that we could keep track of two boys.As far as I know, we only lost one.After some howling, we were able to track him down.


Paul and Nancy

Meg wanted to get her picture taken with the Mark Twain statute at the museum to use for her senior picture next year.We took two sets of photos.Unfortunately, they moved the bench from the middle of a garden area to just behind the cafť next to the main part of the museum.We got quite a few pictures for Meg to choose from.


Meg on the kiddie rides




Wink and Andrew with the Ice Harbor behind





Pilot House


On the morning of the fourth, Patrick, Andrew and I went down to the riverboat casino.We wandered around and played the slots a bit.Mostly we just relaxed and prepared for the evenings festivities.Back in Peosta we played games on the lawn until 5:00 PM.This included the corn bag toss game which Rod brought from Cincy and flying kites.Then we went to the Peosta Country Club for their 4th of July feast.Thank you Dad and Madonna for the treat.


Corn Bag Game


Prior to the fireworks, Meg set up a battle in a sand trap.It was an epic battle.The struggle lasted until we ran out of ordinance.I regret to inform you that there were no survivors.Even uncle Paul got involved in the carnage.




Storming the Fort


Pyro Paul



I am pleased to report that all the children survived the fireworks without injury.Except for one incident where the roman candle fell over and shot at the kids, there were few close calls. The clean up of sand trap and surrounding golf course took a long time with everyone helping out by flashlight/headlights.


We packed up and headed home on the fifth.It was a long but uneventful drive home.


I went in to work on the 6th of July.Then on the 8th of July we had our 787 Launch celebration at Spirit and there was an open house.I didnít enjoy it as much as the previous years open house.It was a hot, hot day.Instead of staying, we went home and watched the celebration on TV.


Last night was bittersweet for Harry Potter lovers in our family. We all went to see the 5th movie and then waited until just after midnight to buy two copies of the 7th and last book. Wink and Meg read about 75 pages until they crashed at about 2am. We have fond memories of past HP release parties in Boulder, Colorado etc


More updates soon:



Mark and Wink