Halloween 2007


Well, it has been another typical boring week here in Kansas.  I am sure from my recent blogs, you have a hard time understanding how we cope with it.  High speed internet helps.  This was a another fairly ordinary week.  I hope not to bore you too much with the excruciating details.


Halloween fell on Wednesday this year.  Even Frodo got into the spirit.  Here is Frodo in his costume. 


Halloween Frodo


Meg decided to go with the Kansas theme.  Here she is with her ruby slippers.  This will save us a lot of money in terms of airfare.  All she has to do is click her heels three  times to get home to Kansas!!  So she dressed up for the day.  She was disappointed that more of l her friends didn’t participate.


Ruby Slippers


Her friend Natalie did dress up too.  Here they are.


Trick or Treat


In 2006, I took pictures of the kids with the intent to blog.  When one of the mothers heard I did that, she was incensed and came to the door to complain.  So I didn’t use last years pictures.  Wink and I discussed it and decided to opt out of Halloween this year.  I planned to hide in the basement and play on the computer. That overprotective mother really ruined my Halloween spirit.


But then we got an invitation from our next door neighbors for a block party.  It was too good to turn down.  The weather turned suitably frigid and the trees started to turn.  Wink made pumpkin muffins for the party.  We met Elphaba at the party.


Welcome to Oz




They set up a fire pit in the driveway.  It was cold enough the fire pit was a welcome addition to the party.


Fire Pit


On Friday for the Quest we went to a Chinese Restaurant: Ah-So.  Here I am sampling the Kim-Chee.  On the whole, I didn’t appreciate this restaurant enough to want to repeat the experience.




Friday night was most enjoyable.  We went to the Orpheum Theater in Downtown Wichita to see the Smothers Brothers.   We were a little slow to the party.  Can you say Nose Bleed seats?  We didn’t order the tickets until the week of the event.  The event did sell out.  The only seats that were available were in the very back of balcony.  We would have needed a spotting scope to see their faces.  But the acoustics were good and we could hear pretty well.  They were a blast from the past.  We both enjoyed it very much.


After the event, we went to Chester’s Chop House and Wine Bar.  I am almost embarrassed to say we closed the bar.  There was no one smoking there and we sat at the bar.  They had sold out of their most popular appetizers, so we ordered a thin crust wild mushroom pizza to split.  We had a nice glass of zinfandel to go with it.  Then we had a glass of port and their beignets with a chocolate dipping sauce. The bartender gave us a sample of some unusual spirits-one was a white wine mixed with cognac and the other  was a Sandeman special reserve ruby port. The conversation was delightful.  So we just sat and chilled.


Here is a picture of Frodo for Meg.


Pampered Pooch – Always goes for the comfortable pillow


Next week we are hosting the lab group for burgers and football.  KU is undefeated and we will have a party to watch the game.  That should jinx them. We spent a few hours today going through boxes and moving stuff around in the rec room in preparation for hosting the party. Mark found lots of Michigan office supplies that he had missed. The movers just put them in any old box it seems. Wink went through Christmas cards and photos from as far back as 1995! Mark took an old computer monitor and printer to be recycled and  went to a local recycling center which we just found out about for glass, paper, cardboard, cans, and plastic.  


Wink has been busy this week getting quotes from workmen for repair jobs on the house. Looks like we’ll be getting a new roof next week and begin some carpentry work outside soon. If it doesn’t get too cold we’ll have some masonry repairs done on the front steps and over the garage. We also get a new carpet for the dining/living room. The following week we’ll have a new evaporator coil installed in the upstairs HVAC unit. Once we pick out what we want we will have several sink faucets replaced as well.


Then we have Meg’s Thanksgiving vacation to look forward to. It will go by quickly I’m sure. We have symphony tickets and tickets to see the stage play “The Quilters”.


All for now.



Mark and Wink