October 2007 Final Friday


It was a busy social weekend for Wink and Mark.We started the festivities by attending Final Friday in Wichita and consists of a series of gallery open house parties. We went to the Wichita Art Museum for an Early American Quilt Exhibit of quilts from the Shelburne museum in Vermont plus some local Prairie Quilt Guild quilts.The museum essentially had an open house with food and a cash bar with live music.I wasnít allowed to take pictures in these exhibits.Here is the bartender making a Cosmo for me.The person ahead of me had one and it looked good.Wink insists that there should be more than vodka and a twist in the drink.This was a Cosmo martini and it was mostly vodka.I didnít complain.


Markís Cosmo


Art Museum Reception


With Cosmo in hand, I went and found a seat in the reception area.Wink and I had a taste of the food.The restaurant at the Museum just changed hands.We thought this was a good opportunity to showcase the new management.


Our next stop on the tour was City Arts in Old Town.The Wichita City Arts building was having an open house.Wine was supplied by the local Wine Bar: Oeno.Again it was a cash bar, but it did not deter me.We spent a fair amount of time seeing all they had to offer.They offer pottery, sculpture, glass blowing, painting, web design, film making and fabric arts among other things. Many were demonstrated as part of Final Friday.



Some finished pieces on display


Maryís Plate


Mary at Work



Wood Carving






Glass Blowing


Fabric Art


Angora Rabbit


We enjoyed out time at City Arts.We spent longer there than we budgeted so we didnít get to any remote galleries.After City Arts we went to Bedazzled, a bead shop where they offer open torch nights and lampwork bead making classes. We watched 3 people make marbles. They also had wine and food there.Then we went to a paper goods art store called Rock, Paper, Scissors.


We finished our evening at the Oeno Wine Bar where we got a flight of Cabs and a light meal.



Brie Cheese Fondue


Flourless chocolate cake with berries and Champagne





Saturday we worked around the house in the morning.When we went to run errands we found that the car had a flat tire. Wink found out this afternoon that there was a small nail in the tire.So we switched to the van because we could not rely on the car tire to hold air.We went to our Sister Cities French Committee meeting and had a late lunch.Then we came home and decompressed from the meeting.We did a light exercise routine and then went to the Asian Festival at Century II Center. They had food from Thailand, China, Korea, Japan, India, and Pakistan as well as dance shows and stuff to buy. After browsing dinner at the Asian Festival we went to the symphony.The reviewer enjoyed it as much as we did. Lilya Zilberstein was super on the piano and we heard two other pieces from the same decade of Russian music.


Sunday we recovered from Friday and Saturday.


Iowa won a football game!We watched the first quarter and expected a blowout, it was all Michigan State. Turns out we missed a good game.


More updates later.



Mark and Wink