Fall Break


Meg had an uneventful trip from Detroit to Wichita, sort of….Andrew got her to the airport in time to make her flight to Memphis Friday afternoon but Northworst managed to keep her from making her connection to Wichita. They then made it worse by being indecisive about what to do with her since there were no more flights to Wichita until Saturday.  Mark and I juggled cell and land phones to find someone to pick her up in Memphis (co worker Mary Drouhin’s parents).   Northworst booked her and two other ladies on the 9:20 am flight Saturday. No one seemed to know where her luggage was but it did arrive with her at 10:58 am on time today. We were all kind of shell shocked but since it was a gorgeous sunny warm fall day we decided to rake and crunch some leaves in the yard.    



Ammer Maple Tree in its’ glory


Meg in Tree


Wink sent Meg up the maple to pull down a dead branch that has been stuck for quite a while!


tree reflected in the kitchen window


Meg and Frodo had fun playing in the leaves. They were all so pretty you just wanted to collect a bunch.


Captive doggy hug


Mark talked Meg into doing some of the mowing instead of raking for a change! Even Wink got in some mowing. We finished both yards well before dark.


Put to work


It is very satisfying crunching up the leaves but the mower does send flying missiles all over. This weather may be the last good outdoor weather of the fall. Next Wednesday and Thursday are supposed to be in the 40’s with a rain/snow mix. Guess we’d better enjoy it while we can. Heard some people playing tennis on the court and considered pumping up our bike tires but ran out of time.  Tonight we have 3 tickets for the Wichita Symphony and Sunday we have 3 tickets to see “The Quilters” at the Wichita Center for the Arts.


More later.



Mark and Wink