End of Spring Break 2007


Inquiring minds want to know!!!!!!!!  Yes the errant suitcase did arrive, about a week late.  Not a big deal, it was full of dirty clothes.  Why would one pack dirty clothes?  A: So mom could get more practice doing laundry.




It seems the two weeks of spring break flew right by.  We prepared a celebration dinner.  We couldn’t decide on a restaurant, so we went to Chez Moeller.  The special was roast beast.  Meg drove me around Saturday and we did the food shopping for the feast.  The first stop was a bookstore!  Then we went to S+S meats and picked up a four pound standing rib roast, two ribs.  Meg wanted garlic mashed potatoes and we had some asparagus to boot.  We also made broccoli and corn.  Then we stopped at a liquor store and picked up a couple bottles of wine, a nice red Zinfandel, a Beaujolais Fleurie, and a Beaujolais Villages.  We had the Zin with the meal and it was fabulous.


Spring is in full force here.  The grass is growing gangbusters.  It was so thick that I spooked up a baby rabbit when I was mowing.  I left a swatch of grass unmowed as it is just sitting hoping nobody notices it.  Meg went for a couple of walks and got some spring pictures to share.


Spring is Sprung




Meg and Wink finished our chocolate and Meg had a hankering.  I was too lazy to go out shopping.  So Meg and I made this.  It is a stick of butter and 3/4 cup of brown sugar.  The butter and brown sugar are caramelized in the microwave and then poured over a layer of peanuts.  Then a topping of Hershey’s bits are melted over the top.  What’s not to like? Home made Heath bar J




Verdi after a bath


We went to “300” Friday night and watched “Flags of Our Fathers” Saturday night after the feast.  Somehow we got up on Sunday and got Meg to the airport just in time.  Andrew picked her up at DTW and took her out for dinner at our favorite Chinese Restaurant, The New Mandarin Garden in West Bloomfield, MI.  So Meg is safely home.


Andrew has three weeks left in this semester.  He has two term papers due, but was kind enough to chauffeur his sister.  We both enjoyed having Meg around.  Frodo quickly got used to having her home.  We all miss her.  Now Frodo won’t let one of us out of his sight.


Otherwise, not much news.



Mark and Wink



PS Meg finally did do her own laundry!