December 2007


I have gotten behind on the blogs.It has been pretty quiet here.I spent last week in Chicago doing testing and got back Saturday noonish. So here is my story.


The Quest for Friday just before leaving for Chicago was Taco Jís.This is a fast food taco shop.They have a single food line and make up all of their offerings from the same stock.There are several different bread offerings.There are also several stuffing and cheese offerings. In fact it was amazing you could make so many different things from the same ground beef stock.It was an appropriate Quest candidate.Wink elected to avoid this one.


Taco Jís


Taco Bar




Friday was the last Friday in November.This meant it was another Final Friday gallery event.We tried to organize a night out.We car pooled with Mary and were planning to meet Terri and Deb.We just missed Terri and Deb at the Fisch Haus gallery.I didnít get many pictures because this time we focused more on commercial galleries than the art museum and City Arts.City Arts did have a limited show.


Childrenís Art Show at City Arts


City Arts


We spent the first part of the evening in the galleries along a street of converted loading docks, Commerce Street.The galleries and an antique shop were somewhat eclectic.There was a quality display at the fabric art studio but they insisted on cash payments.Wink bought a Christmas present there and just about wiped out our cash reserves.We eventually gravitated to Olde Towne where City Arts is.We did the Wichita State exhibit and City Arts and the bead store, Bedazzled.We were a little late getting dinner at Oeno, the wine bar.I had a Shiraz wine flight.One of the wines was a petit shiraz.It turns out the petit shiraz grape and the shiraz grape are unrelated.I liked the petit shiraz better.We did finish the dinner with a chocolate fondue.That was a nice finish.






Chocolate Fondue


The dog gets upset when a suitcase comes out.He seems to know something is going on and is determined not to be left out. In this case he got buried in the clothes hoping to get to come along.


Left Behind


Wink wanted the Christmas tree put up before I left.It is an artificial tree with integrated lights.The light stands go out whenever one bulb goes out.So one of the strands didnít light and we were left trying to find out which bulb was the culprit.Fortunately one of the bulbs was broken and they all lit up when it was replaced.Wink was hoping that this would help her get in the mood to do Christmas cards.


Christmas Tree


I left for Chicago on Tuesday morning.We worked hard in Chicago.Wink picked me up at airport in bad weather on Saturday noon.I was lucky.The plane Friday night did not fly.I guess there was travel trouble on Sunday as well.The weather Sunday was cold with freezing rain.There were travel advisories for the state Sunday.


We noticed the bird feeders were a little low on Sunday and there was a lot of bird activity. So I went out and filled the feeders.We sat and watched them for awhile.We saw a few birds.We saw our usual Juncos, Cardinals, Doves and Sparrows.One of the unusual birds was a woodpecker.We donít see him very often.It was a challenge to get a picture of him because he didnít sit long.His beak was long enough that he could reach in through the squirrel baffle to get seed directly from the feeder.




We did see a few larder birds as well.Some crows came in.The crows even intimidated the squirrel on the ground.






We did have one other bird come to eat at the bird feeder.The small birds take refuge in the bushes next to the house.So this guy came and sat on the porch.We were surprised by his appearance so close to our kitchen window.All in all we had an enjoyable time watching the birds.I need to learn to use the digital camera better.It would help to learn how to do manual focus so I can take sharper pictures through the window.




We also give Verdi a bath on the weekends.He gets a bath in the shower.Jing-Jing got a bath that way two weeks ago.Usually she just gets a bath in the sink.


Bath Time


Soggy Bird


Frodo got groomed just after I got back.


Freshly Groomed


We just had a significant winter weather event, an ice storm.We were lucky as our area stayed near and just above freezing so the ice didnít accumulate.We never lost power, but both North of us and South of us are disaster areas.I took a couple of pictures for your viewing enjoyment as well.




More Ice


All is quiet in Wichita.


I picked up a cold on the trip.I hope to get better soon.



Mark and Wink