Back to School 2007


Not too much to say, just a quick note to let you know we are still alive.  The France pictures are coming.  We are even slower than I expected getting them prepared.  We did create a slide show for our French class.  We had an after France party.  It was fun.


Meg was visiting us in Kansas and guess who she bumped into?  She made a new friend, Dot.  Dot kept talking about following the Yellow Brick Road.  Everybody in Kansas knows the yellow brick road has been paved and is now Highway 54-400.  Duh!!!


Meg and Dot


Dot kept looking to the sky.  She made Meg nervous and she grabbed Frodo and scanned the sky too.


What’s that?


Well I have to report that Meg flew off to Michigan to return to school.  Sadly, Frodo remains behind in Kansas to take care of me.


We recently rented a storage shed to get stuff out of the house.  The idea is to be able to use the guest room for guests.  This may seem like a strange concept, but being innovators, we wanted to see if we could make it work.  It is now safer to move about the garage and the basement.  What we didn’t want to store we gave to Goodwill and tried to give to AmVets.  It is making a positive difference around the house.


Some of the items we wanted to store are Meg’s American Girl Doll collection.  Most of it made it to the store room.  However, the super spoiled dog claimed the doll bed as his own.  Meg decided to leave it out for him.  Now is this spoiled or what?


Spoiled Dog


Mine, all mine!


Peace at last.


Meg is an RA this year.  The conversation of ‘I want a car!’ changed from ‘No!, No!, No!’ to ‘OK, how are we going to pay for it.’  Meg picked up a new 5 door Focus SES when she arrived in Michigan.  So beware, she is mobile now.  It is kind of a funny, aggravating tale.  Meg, Wink and Andrew spent an afternoon at a Ford dealer in Wichita.  They tried hard to sell her a car, but couldn’t get the one she wanted.  We were able to find exactly the car she wanted in Michigan.  We did finally arrange to get that car for her.


For the arachnophobes out there, this is a good place to stop.



Spider Wars, The Saga Continues


It seems summer time in Wichita is Spider time.  We saw/killed more than three medium sized brown recluse spiders in our master bath.  Meg found one in a book and she dispatched him.  They were also active in the garage.  We had them come spray, but we still see them occasionally.  It look likely we will ask for a follow up spraying.  Wink wants to replace the shake roof with composite roofing.  Rumor has it this will reduce spider habitat.


The outdoor spiders web off our deck each night.  The webs are largely gone by day break, but the spiders rebuild them every night.  It is impossible to take Frodo out at night without having to go through a spider web.  And they are impressive structures.






There are several of these big guys out the back door.  Wink uses a broom and sweeps them out of the way when she goes out.  The spiders can handle some pretty big prey, just in case you are interested.





It is quiet here in Kansas.  I do expect to get a French blog out sometime before Christmas.  At this rate, it remains to be seen which Christmas.


Wink comes home Tuesday.  It is a quiet house with just me, the birds and the dog.



Mark and Wink