End of April Report Out 2007


I expected to have a grand blog atend of last weekend.Unfortunately I got a spring cold and was under the weather Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.Saturday morning we did get up and go to the sister-cities meeting.There we helped plan the Bastille Day celebration in July.We went home to let the dog out before going to the Mid West Wine Fest.When we were home, we decided to take a short nap.It ended up we missed the Wine Fest.However the rest wasmuch needed.Sunday we did go to the Rock and Gem show.Here is the evidence.


2007 Wichita Rock and Gem Show


We had a quiet week.Saturday we had another opera.Saturday morning, I got the oil changed in my car.Then I went and purchased a new lawn mower.Our old mower was not self propelled, so it was a chore to mow the lawn.But its high crime was that it was not doing a good job of mulching the grass.It was leaving large clumps of grass on the lawn.So we got a new self propelled Toro mower.Here is the new toy:


New Toy


We worked on the front yard the rest of the morning spreading the bags of mulch we had.Then I mowed the lawn.We finished early enough in the afternoon to get a nap.We had a steak salad for dinner and then it was off to the opera.This was the final opera of the season.The symphony is over as well.The Opera was Romeo and Juliet.The review is linked here.I was sitting there and all of a sudden I started recognizing a few words here and there.So I checked the program and they were in fact singing in French.I paid more attention after that.I would get a word every now and then, so I was intrigued by that.Wink says the review was overly generous.I enjoyed the evening.Wink likes the symphony more than the opera, but we plan to subscribe to both again next year.The symphony is great and the opera plans to have Samuel Ramey back as Mephisto, Giselle, and Placido Domingo directing Andrea Bocelli.So it should be an entertaining season.


We werenít tired enough after Saturdays escapades, so we fixed a nice breakfast and then got more flowers and mulch to continue our outdoor activities.Part of the reason we are a little behind is that this is the first nice weekend we have had in April.Many of our plants are worse for wear after the two April snowstorms.Some are coming back, but we are not sure they will all make it.Here is an example of the fun:


Twenty-five bags of mulch


We got the front yard pretty well squared away.My hands are sore.Wink says she canít bend over and her knees donít bend like they used to.Well Frodo was a big help.




Wink worked on clearing the grass from the edging around the house.She also lined the front walkway with flowers and put fresh flowers in the pots.I worked on the trees in the front yard.We had let the grass infiltrate into the area that was mulched so I had to remove the grass and then add new mulch.Here is documentation of my efforts.


Freshly Mulched


Winkís Efforts




We were tired and hungry, so we left the back yard for some future effort.Weíll get to it when we do.


We have another wine tasting next Thursday.It is a special one of Italian wines by an importer.Then we have our usual one two weeks later.We picked up our last monthly box of chocolate from Cocoa Dolce.After this month our wine tasting extravaganza wonít be comped as well.We got the wine and chocolate at the Wine Fest Auction last year.This year it was listed for $1400.00 in the live auction.We didnít make it to the wine fest so we donít know how much it went for this year.


That is about all I have to report out.



Mark and Wink