April 2007


Not too much to report.  Meg left last Sunday and got safely to Detroit.  Needless to say, she took our ‘sunshine’ with her.  Next thing you know, we get a whooping big spring snow storm.  The snow wasn’t the biggest problem, it was the cold weather that went with it.  We have had three very cold nights.  It was seventeen degrees when I got up this morning.  It is Sunday morning and there is still snow on the deck.


Snow Storm


Poor Plants


Apparently this snowstorm is going to be hard on agribusiness.  The winter wheat is up and in danger of frost kill.  The blooms that happened early will all be destroyed as well.




Bow season for spring turkeys opened last weekend.  Wink explained that it was more important to drop Meg off at the Airport than to Turkey hunt.  I found that the land I hunt was planted last fall in winter wheat.  It will be harvested in June and then planted in soybeans.  The growing season here is that much longer than Iowa and they can get two crops in a season.


So I went out and sat in the tree stand in the slot at Sunrise Easter morning.  It was a nice sunrise.  I could hear turkeys far away.  I also got to see some deer, but nothing to shoot at.  Gun season opens next weekend.  The turkeys were at the north end of the land and my stands are at the south end.  Good sign all around.  I also saw bobcat sign again this year.  Too bad, turkeys don’t seem to coexist with bobcats.  The wheat seems to be tolerating the cold so far, so maybe it is out of the woods.  I meant to take some pictures for your enjoyment, but I didn’t.  I was well dressed for the cold so really have no excuse.


We went out to a buffet for Saturday lunch at the Kwan Court Chinese restaurant.  It is changing ownership.  We liked the soup better and the appetizers were good, but the main course selections were fewer and of poorer quality.  So the change of ownership is a mixed review. 


For Easter Sunday we went to the local brew pub for a brunch buffet.  This is the place where I can’t drink the beer.  They had Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s as the drink specials.  So I was not too put out by the circumstance.  The food was excellent, but the facility was at capacity.  We were told we had a fifty minute wait to get a nonsmoking table, but they got us in, in under forty minutes.  We went out to the car and listened to car talk on NPR while we waited. 


I neglected to mention that I got our taxes done.  A not inconsiderable task.  Bushies got us.  Meg gets taxed at our rate for two more years, grrrrrrr. 


We had a lazy rest of the day.