April Showers 2007


I hope the title gives you a hint about what is to come.  We had another set of April showers and it had little to do with rain.  It seems it has not snowed this late in April in recorded history.  See we are setting records with every day we spend in Kansas.  Well snow it did.  Wink and I grabbed the camera and got a few shots for your enjoyment.  I guess the chipmunk, Puxantawny Phil or whatever was wrong.  We got more than six weeks of winter.


Snow Dog


Latest Snow in April on Record


We/ Mark was lazy and the forecast was terrible.  So we decided to hunker down and enjoy the weather.  I selected pizza for dinner and we agreed to make our own.  Wink got a recipe for the dough and we were off.  We microwaved some bacon and sautéed some onion and mushrooms for filler.  We had store bought pizza sauce and mozzarella and parmesan cheese.  We rolled out the pizza dough and piled on the goodies.   The recipe called for adding the cheeses when there was only five minutes to go.  But we added them right away, plus we put the pizza on a stone in the oven.  Here are our culinary adventures:


Pizza al a Moeller


I regret to report we were considerably out of practice.  We didn’t have any fresh cornmeal, so we scavenged some from a cornmeal muffin box.  We treated the board with the cornmeal, but the pizza stuck anyway.  We did finally manage to persuade it onto the pizza stone but didn’t get it centered.  The crust got a little crispy, but the end result was very eatable. 


Pizza on Stone


We had a nice (cheap) Chianti and a salad to round out the meal.  It was frightful outside and cozy with comfort food inside.  Yay Pizza.


The snow didn’t last long, but there was considerable water in the yard from the storm.  We haven’t gotten much of the outdoor work accomplished yet.  We have about ten yards of mulch to spread to start with, but the yard was too soggy to wheel barrow the mulch around.  Here is the evidence:


Soggy Yard


A hard working Mark was looking forward to a day off.  After all, yard work was neigh to impossible.  Wink made me concede it was spring and a suitable time to do spring cleaning.  Another motivator was both floods in the kitchen happened to burn out, so I had to bring the ladder in.  What better time to clean the tops of the cabinets.  So here is the evidence of Mark torture.


Spring Cleaning


Too Much Fun


Did you know that one could vacuum decorative flowers.  It was news to me too.  After cleaning I was forced to nap, due to exhaustion.  We still had to go to the symphony that night.  It was wonderful.  Here is the review.  We both enjoyed it very much and are sorry to see the season end.  We still have the season ending opera to go, it will be Romeo and Juliet.


We put the finishing touches on the taxes.  We won’t mail them until Tuesday as we owe money.  No happy news there.


We will have a busy week coming up.  On Monday night we have a wine tasting.  Then on Tuesday, I have an AIAA meeting over at Cessna.  They are going to roll out the new Cessna Mustang and let us have a look at it.  On Thursday, I have a party and Wink has her last beading class.  She may be able to take a class in the summer with Meg.


This weekend is the Wine Festival, Rock and Gem show and Wood Carving show.  We were able to go to all three last year.  This year they are all the same weekend.  I would have gone to the Wine Tasting and Wood Carving show, but Wink wants to see the Rock and Gem show.  No big deal as they were both pleasant.  There is also a Linda Rhonstadt concert.  I wasn’t aware of that but Wink would have liked to go if we weren’t so busy.  We also have a sister cities meeting Saturday before the wine fest.


We have tickets to Gordon Lightfoot in June.  We have three tickets because Meg said she’d like to go too.  I will try to blog and let everyone know how things work out.  Busy, busy week.


I would have gone Turkey hunting Saturday morning, but the forecast was for miserable weather.  The season is open until June.  Hopefully I can sneak away for half a day between now and then. 


Not much else happening in sleepy Wichita.



Mark and Wink