A Blustery Day


On Sunday morning we went to the Great Plains Renaissance Festival.  It was at the Sedgwick County Park right next door to the zoo.  We got lost going to the festival!   We didn’t go far enough West before we turned North and ended up on the wrong side of the river.  There was no bridge near where we ended up. So we had to back track a bit to get there.  To keep things interesting, the  parking sign had blown down, so we drove past the parking area and needed to effect the second U turn of the morning.  We did finally arrive.  There was a short walk to the entrance gate.


Great Plains RenFest


One of the first things we were greeted with as we entered the Faire site was a troop of Belly Dancers.  They had been dancing off an on for two days.  Wink was amused by their sun burns.  Looked uncomfortable to me.




There were suitable Royalty tents.  This seems to be some sort of fiefdom.  The king and queen were in another tent.


Clan Tent

Costumed Couple


There were merchants on site, so that should one choose, one could buy period clothes to adorn yourself for the Faire.  There was a wide variety of wares from clothes, leather goods, weapons, honey, pottery to toys but no musical instruments.


Clothes Vendor


There were at least three arenas where combat was taking place.  We did not witness the joust but we saw mock combat in to the two opposite corners of the Fest.


In Queue


There were adult weapon vendors and there were several choices for toy swords for the kids.  We watched two young brothers duke it out with padded toy swords near one of the combat arenas.


Weapons for Mock Combat


Toy Weapons


My axe throwing had not improved from two summer ago.  I liked the Larkspur, CO axes better.  These were not well balanced.  They had knives and ninja stars to throw as well.


Axe Throw


I got talked into buying a costume for me.  Wink said it looked entertaining and wanted to get a set for Rod as well.


Mark’s Costume


Some of the Vendors put on displays.  Here is a sample of chain mail being put together.  It seems like a lot of tedious work.



Chain Mail Assembly


Chain Mail


There were several mini-theaters set up around the festival.  We listened to some bag pipes before lunch.  There was a MIME after the pipes. Later on we enjoyed a show by The Amazing Whip Boy which was pretty funny.


Bag Pipes




They did have a pub at the Faire.  I got a glass of blackberry mead and Wink had a pumpkin spiced beer.  We had popcorn chicken and a fried onion for lunch.


We worked on the yard Saturday.  Took a drive to Lowe’s and got cleaner and primer to stain the deck.  Last year we paid to have the deck stained but the stuff they used has all washed off.  It should have lasted three years at a minimum.  So we washed the deck and now need to let it dry before we can prime it.  Of course it rained today and leaves are starting to fall…


One can tell it is fall around here.  The migratory birds fly through here. You can hear them in the trees and see them under the feeders.


The Birds


Wink found a bird nest in the potting soil!



We bought some mums to put in the planters out front and some sweet smelling pansies for the deck planter. Next we’ll have to buy a pumpkin or two. It has been so warm (85-90) during the day that we haven’t really felt like it’s fall. The Andover Farmer’s Market ended last Wednesday-very sad. Guess we’ll have to resign ourselves to store bought tomatoes and melons, oh well.


Spiders made the front page of our newspaper.  It has been a wet summer and there is a spider bloom in Wichita.  We were seeing a few spiders and had the house sprayed recently.  The boxes in the garage are infested with the spiders.  We will have to clean out the garage.


Busy week ahead.  Will try to update again next weekend.  We still need to get going on the France blog.



Mark and Wink.