Merry Christmas 2006



Both kids got here in spite of the weather in Denver and the upper Midwest. Andrew and Meg made it to the Detroit airport fairly early as we were expecting a rush.  They had no problem making the first flight which was only delayed 20 minutes and they had a long time to wait for their connection in Chicago which was delayed a little longer. Meg’s bag arrived without a problem but Andrew’s did not.  Unfortunately after we got Meg’s bag and we knew we were in the right place, Mark was an optimist.  We ended up at the end of the one hour unclaimed bags line at the airport.  We were amongst the people coming back to get the bags that missed the morning flight. Andrew’s suitcase was delivered to our door the following noon, so it was only a minor inconvenience and a four dollar parking charge.  But the kids got to Wichita safely and that’s what counts.


We were a little slow getting started Christmas morning.  I think there is a difference between having almost grown up kids and having little kids.  Andrew got up early but Meg didn’t get up until almost eleven o’clock.  It’s as if she knew Santa’s presents couldn’t be retracted.  Mark was pretty hungry by then, so he made Christmas breakfast of scrambled eggs, turkey sausage and fruit salad.  We opted for the traditional Champagne ala Orange w/o the Orange to get the day started.


Here is our Christmas Tree.  We abandoned all tradition and replaced our old too-large-for-the-new-space fake tree with a fake already lit tree. I am overjoyed to be absolved from stringing Christmas tree lights for the next several years.  I haven’t made the BAH HUMBUG sign but there is increasing pressure to do so. We have the materials to do it but  I am not sure how it will be received in Wichita.  Maybe that is why the rest of the family wants to put it up?


Our Tree


Even the pets made out like bandits in our house.  Jing-Jing got a new toy.  Verdi bird got some nut treats and Frodo got some chew toys.


Pet’s Christmas


Andrew lucked out and got a docking station for his Ipod.  This means he can listen to music and recharge his Ipod while he is gaming.  Life doesn’t get any better than that.


Ipod Docking Station



Meg and Frodo wrapped in the scarf Wink made-purple of course


Andrew’s “Walmart” Shirt


The aftermath of excess



It looks like we won’t be having our Christmas dinner until after 7pm. Meg and I decided to enjoy some archery time with neighbors and Andrew enjoyed a looong nap. Wink  has made orange rolls which are rising, the turkey is in the oven, champagne is chilling and soon Meg and I will work on potatoes and green beans. We were given more than enough candy to tide us over for days but have a pumpkin pie to enjoy as well.


Hope you all had a very enjoyable Christmas and have fun playing with all of your new “toys” J


Meg says, “Happy Christmas everyone.” She is very pleased to be home and able to enjoy her new bedroom all by herself i.e. without a roommate to deal with.


Laptop 1


Laptop 2


The Chef


Roast Turkey


Christmas Feast


We got it all pulled together.  The kids mostly stayed out of the way.  They both brought their respective laptops and take advantage of the wireless network in the house.  The network doesn’t reach all the way to Meg’s room but seems to cover the basement and first floor.


It was a feast.  We have enough leftovers to get us comfortably to new years.  All in all, a very satisfactory Christmas.



Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!



Mark and Wink