Wine Festival

I was too lazy to blog this week.  We had some books from the Library that were two week loans and I was trying to finish them.  I had to renew one.


This was a lazy weekend.  It was rainy and cold on Saturday.  So we had a fire and I finished one of my books.  It was a Fantasy and good for a days escape.  Sunday dawned dreary, but mowing the lawn was prompt critical.  It had been a wet week and the grass is growing gangbusters.  The mower could barely handle the grass.  Last week I moved the mower higher.  Right now the lawn looks scalped.  After the mowing, Wink and I worked a little on the landscaping.  Mr. Frodo was a big help.  He dug right in and thus needed a BATH.  He had just been groomed and here he is in his glory.




Frodo Greenfoot


I promised a picture of the matching awning and grill.  The deck has just been stained.  The power washing had knocked out the power to the deck.  We have not recovered from that yet.  I hope it is as simple as finding the right ground fault interrupt.  We haven’t found the one that popped and will try resetting them all next.  Maybe that will restore the outdoor power.


Matching Awning and Grill!


We went to the Wichita Wine Festival last weekend.  We purchased our tickets over the internet and had to pick them up the day of the Festival.  So we got to the Festival an hour early and picked up the tickets and went to the library next door.  It was a colossal booboo.  We came out about fifteen minutes before the doors opened to peons like us and there was a LINE!  We missed the first forty-five minutes of the three hour Festival waiting to get in.  And when we got in there were lines everywhere. 


We each got twenty wine tasting tickets with our entry.  They also gave us a tray with a wine glass that fit in it.  It was impossible with the time that was left when we got in to use our twenty tickets.  Did I mention that there were lines everywhere.  The lines were especially long for the food.  Many restaurants contributed to the Festival.


Looooooooong Line!


More Line


I was a little disconcerted when we first got in.  I couldn’t believe you could get that many people into that small a space.  There were more wine merchants than you had tickets for.  There was also beer and hard liquor available at a few booths.  There were lines everywhere.




More Crowds




There was a silent auction during the main show.  Wink and I bid on a few items.  We ended up winning two. 


There were several chocolate booths.  Wink and I had our share.  We eventually went upstairs and found the champagne.  Our favorite, Chandon was there.  I used a few tickets at that one.  Chocolate and Champagne go very well together.


Here is a live auction item that I wanted to bid on.  It was a SubZero wine cooler with 42 bottles of wine from the Wichita Wine Enthusiast  Club.  Each bottle was signed by the contributor.  Alas, it was bid well over my price range.


SubZero with 42 Select Bottles


Live Auction


Mark and Wink


Some enterprising wino’s did manage to get a snoot full.  Others dressed for the event.  It was the place to be in Wichita on that weekend.


Getting into the Spirits


Wink was impressed by the level of interest in wine in Wichita.  There were some extraordinary offerings.  One was a set of 1963 Ports.  There were four bottles that collectively went for about $500 each.  All in all the event raised over $100,000.00 for charity.


You’ll be glad to hear we did our part.  We successfully bid on a wine tasting for the next 12 months as well as a pound of artisanal chocolates each month of the year.  So we will have  monthly reminders to get us primed  for next year.


I also learned that I will pay for the more expensive tickets if I go again.  For just a little more we could have attended the preview and avoided some of the crowds.  It would also have allowed tasting the food and the more popular wines.


That’s about all for now…..


Mark and Wink