Well I am sure you can’t wait to hear about the Spider War.  The incidence of direct human-brown recluse interaction has been greatly diminished.  I haven’t seen a live one in a couple of days.  I did go around and check the traps.  The result was somewhat disconcerting again.  Here is one of the busier traps.  It is from the ‘guest’ bedroom.  We have several unwanted guests, all brown recluse.  Go figure. They are all more than a year old. We haven’t even lived in this house for a year yet.


Meg says this picture is “stunning!”


On a lighter note, we had a busy weekend.  We haven’t made much progress cleaning up the house. Meanwhile all furniture is pulled away from the walls. The Orkin man will be coming again to check the traps and spray on Thursday.  We have had very little luck dealing with self storage.  So far all the places close to us don’t have a room the size we are looking for.  Every day, another day behind.


Our French guest, Jonathan arrives Sunday at 6pm.  We plan to locate him in the Quilt Room.  Meg is currently staying in the Quilt Room.  We have been unwilling to relocate her upstairs, but hope to move her upstairs after the next Orkin visit.  We bought a storage ‘closet’ for the Quilt Room and need to get some sort of dresser so that we’ll have somewhere for Jonathan to stay. Is there a catch 22 in all of this?


This weekend we did a Car Show and a Quilt Show.  Here is the evidence:


Car Show


Nice Paint Job




The work of a quilting Bee Group


Bear Quilt


Meg got her learners permit Friday afternoon.  I spent Sunday morning at the Towne east Mall parking lot with Meg from 9:00 AM until 11:00 AM.  For the first hour, we stayed in a single parking area.  The second hour we spent driving the ring road around the mall.  First we went counter clockwise (all left turns) and then clockwise.  The book says left turns are easier than right turns.  That seems to be the experience Meg is having.  She judges the left turns pretty well.  She doesn’t turn early enough on the right turns.  Practice helps.  She drove around the subdivision Sunday night for an hour.  On Monday night she ventured out onto a main road and got up to 35 mph.  Four hours down, forty-six hours until she can apply for a license.  She takes it all very seriously.  She is also doing a good job.  I think she’ll do fine after she gets fifty hours of experience.


That’s enough excitement for now.


Love, Mark and Wink