Spiders and Snakes …….. Oh My!!!!!!!!  L




         Our Spider                                                                      Brown Recluse


Another Picture of our spider


Wink was a little perturbed when she got home from Michigan.  There were a few spiders running amok in the upstairs bedroom and bathroom.  One of my friends just had his house sprayed for brown recluse spiders.  So I thought I would take a closer look at the spiders we were dealing with all year.  We see more than one big one a week.  We have just been flushing them down the toilet without thinking about it.  Here are two pictures of our spiders and a brown recluse for comparison.


Apparently there are eight species that mimic the brown recluse in Kansas.  I am not enough of an expert to tell if this is the real thing or not.  We called an exterminator and he is coming to spray the house Monday morning at eight o’clock. 


Saturday morning I put Frodo out in the back yard and he found something and was investigating as I was watching him.  He jumped up like he had been stung on the nose.  I went down to see what stung him.  It was a two and a half foot garter snake.  I am pretty sure it was a garter snake, but it wasn’t as bright as the Iowa version and it’s stripes were along the sides instead of around.  I mushed the snake to the bushes and it bit my shoe to say who was in charge.  I let it be in charge, but it decided to leave anyway.




We found this guy injured in the road.  We moved it to our bushes, but it died over night and now it rests in peace in our garbage.  I was unable to determine what kind of snake it was.  This motivated me to find a Kansas herpetology book on the internet.  I guess I am going to have to order one.  There are some poisonous snakes in Kansas but I think they are all pit vipers: copperheads and rattlesnakes.  I will get a book and try to find out.  This guy looks like a boa constrictor to me.  My guess is that it was somebody’s pet that was let go or go away.


Wink had quite an adventure getting Meg and moving her back to Kansas.  She will have to tell that story herself.


Spirit AeroSystems,where Mark works, had an open house today.  It was to celebrate our one year anniversary.  They had food, games and the work areas were open to the public.  Wink, Meg and Mark went around to see the facilities.  Then we played the goofy games.  Wink won a hat for Meg.  We all had fun.


So we may have a French boy stay with us for a month.  We have an interview tomorrow night.  If he stays with us, we will convert the quilt room to a temporary bedroom.  We moved a bed down last night and Meg slept there to avoid the spiders.


We have a busy week.  Meg has Latin M-W-F and driver ed on the weekend.  We have to get Meg’s learner permit.  Wink has quilt meeting and book club.  We have the Sister Cities interview.  There is also the spider guy coming.  We also have an interview with the lady that will take care of the birds over the fourth of July.  And I think there is more that I can’t recall right now.


Oh yeah….. Meg’s computer died and couldn’t be resurrected.  It is still under warranty and has an on site service contract.  So I was online with Dell all morning.  We got it’s diagnostics to run and her LCD is dead so it can’t display.  We had an old monitor and we exported the display to the monitor and we could run the computer that way.  They are express mailing a new LCD to Wichita and the service guy will make an appointment for Tuesday. 


Meg’s old machine is pretty heavy and didn’t perform as well as she desired.  So the agreement is that Mark will inherit the old one and we will get a more suitable machine for Meg.  Mark needed a computer for when he travels anyway.  The old clunker will be fine for him.  Meg’s school has a deep discount on Lenovo laptops.  We’ll have to figure out which one is more appropriate.  We have a choice between a laptop and a tablet pc.


That is enough excitement for me for one weekend.



Mark and Wink