The State of Our Spider Wars?





Brown Recluse Spiders


I haven’t blogged in awhile.  Mostly, I am just lazy.  The question I get most often is ‘How goes the spider wars?’  The answer is that we may kill thousands of them, but if any one of them bites any one of us, we lose.  We were starting to see them again.  The garage seemed to be especially infested.  So the Orkin lady came and sprayed today.  I guess it takes awhile to get these pests under control.


On another note, Meg’s deer found a home in the den.  Here are Bambi and Shelia on the wall.


Bambi and Shelia


Before Meg headed back to school, she still had one “small” project she wanted to complete.  She wanted to repaint her room.  This turned into a whole family project.  It started with prepping and priming the dark painted areas.  So here goes:




Wink Priming


Hard Work


So we let the primer dry overnight.  Now what colors would a Meg select?  I will let you decide if it was worth the effort:


Wink Painting


Mark Painting


Meg Relaxing in her new Mama San chair!



Once Meg’s bookshelves arrive and her room is put back together I will post a finished photo. I think it was a great accomplishment to get it painted before Meg had to head back to school considering how busy our summer was otherwise.

The colors are bright but with furniture and accessories they tone down a bit. Best of all, Meg likes her room, and that was our main objective J


Wink continues to work on the house now that we are home without children. This week we had the major upstairs carpets cleaned. No project goes smoothly and this was no exception. The man called to say his 1:30 appointment would be delayed until 2:30 because he had a doctor appointment. He did arrive at 3:30 and got the rugs started but his equipment broke down at 4:30 and he had to call another truck. They didn’t finish until after 6pm L The rugs are still damp this am but do look MUCH cleaner.


The Orkin lady came to check traps and spray this week also. She liked Meg’s paint colors incidentally! She proposed putting granules up in the attic in November. We have seen some mid sized recluse in the basement bathroom recently but otherwise just in the garage. Hopefully we are getting a handle on our infestation.


Once Meg’s book shelves arrive we can empty the book boxes upstairs and fix up the guest room again. Wink has a carpenter ready to build in bookshelves in the family room and we need to find an entertainment center to house cds’s, TV, and DVDs/player.


Outside we have to cut back bushes and yank out others now that the days are cooler. Wink wants to plant some mums and I have to work on the down spout drains. Hunting season starts soon  so we need to get the projects completed!


Wink and I went to the Kansas State Fair last Sunday pm. Parking was a huge problem and it was so dusty that we turned almost brown because the dust stuck to our sunscreen! We shared a Prontopup (best corn dog in Kansas) and an order of mozzarella sticks while Mark’s belt was monogrammed. The high point for us was a steel drum band from Haven, KS who played for about 45 minutes. Otherwise we wandered around, checked out the quilts, the produce (640 lb pumpkin!), Mark looked at some elegant tree stands, and bought some honey. Getting home we got lost for a bit. The signage in and out of Hutchinson is miserable. All in all it was a “been there done that don’t need to do it again experience”!!


Tropical Shores Steel Drum Band


Since I have a huge back-log, maybe I’ll update again a little later.



Mark and Wink