Quilt Shop Hop


Quilt Shop


This was the second weekend of archery deer season.Mark still has yet to hunt.The weather did not cooperate this weekend.It was hot, up to 95 degrees on Saturday.There was also a full moon which didnít set until after sunrise and brisk winds out of the South. This just wasnít the right weekend to deer hunt.So we found other activities to keep us busy.


Friday, Saturday and Sunday was the Quilt Shop Hop.There are 10 quilt shops in central Kansas that get together and put on an event for the local quilt guilds. Each shop makes a block pattern and all shops use the 10 different blocks plus 3 special fabrics made by Hoffman for the shop hop and others to make a quilt. Fabrics and patterns are available for purchase. Wink and I went to all of the shops last year.We agreed that weíd only do a few of them this time.Wink did the 4 Wichita quilt shops on Friday and joined the Spirit acoustics/analysis group lunch bunch at La Gallette for French food in between.Then Saturday morning we did three more shops north and west of Wichita in the early afternoon.We stopped at the Bread Basket for lunch Saturday in Newton. It was a family style restaurant and the place to be for lunch on Saturday.I got the homemade chicken noodle soup and sandwich combo.The soup had large egg noodles and was almost a stew.It was hot and delicious.


Anxious Dog


We were going to be gone a long time, so we let the dog ride along.It meant we had lunch in the car.He got his share of scraps.He mostly found the sunny spot in the back seat.Because Wink was out shop hopping Friday, he spent the day in doggy day care.He seems to really like that, but it leaves him tired out.So he napped all day Saturday and was restless Saturday night.Nothing like being out of synch.


One of the Shop Hop Quilts




It is my understanding that it is not possible to accumulate too much fabric.That seems to be the theory Wink is trying to test.


Halloween quilt projects


On the way home, we stopped by the Honda dealership in Wichita to look at the Honda Pilot recommended by friends. The dealership was having a special open house with food, entertainment, and give aways. Frodo came all around with us!


Saturday afternoon/early evening, we dropped the dog off at home and headed to the quilt shop East of town.We stopped at the land on the way East.It was dry and didnít show much activity.After the quilt shop in Severy, KS we decided to stop for dinner at the Beaumont Hotel. This is a Flint Hills pit stop for airplane fliers and motor car riders of all kinds. We saw a bride in a white dress go past us also. The dining room was packed so we ate in a small side cafť. Michelle from Spirit and her husband stopped by for dinner to keep is company! We drove back to Wichita into a gorgeous sunset.



Vintage cars

more vintage cars

more of the same


Sunday our project was to finish planting the bushes and perennials that Wink bought to replace the overgrown ones we took out two weeks ago. Since the weather is supposed to cool off and we are due for some rain it made sense to get it done today.As usual it was a huge job. We worked in 3 bags of cotton boll mulch and 2 bags of soil and then planted it all. By the time we finished around noon it was almost 80. Time for some ice water and lunch.


Itís hard work but someone has to do it! Iím still smiling J


Sorry I was too tired to snap an after picture! Wink kept me busy inside hanging up pictures in our bedroom and moving boxes down to the store-room. We treated ourselves to some Chinese food for dinner and soon will collapse!




Mark and Wink