Parent’s Visiting Day 2006


I may be a little slow, but eventually I usually get it.  The first weekend in October was really busy in Wichita.  There was the ‘Race for a Cure’ that I used to always run in Detroit, a quilt show in Hutchinson, the fall Great Plains Renaissance Faire, a book show and myriad other events.  It was also opening day of archery deer season.  This weekend also happened to be Homecoming Day and Parents Visiting Day at Cranbrook.  Wink carefully explained to me how important it was for me to visit my kids in Detroit.  I hadn’t been back since we moved to Wichita.  I had agreed to go once this year.  The next visiting day was in February and Detroit can be hard to get to in February.  So I was off on a great adventure.


I picked a mid-day flight to Detroit hoping I could get half a day’s work in before I left on Thursday.  With airport security the way it is, that was foolish.  I should have just taken an early flight and been done with it.  So I arrived in Detroit during rush hour about 4:30 in the afternoon.  I got the car by 5:00 pm and the adventure started.  There are nine million people in metro Detroit that want to kill me because I escaped.  It really isn’t that far from the airport to Andrew’s apartment but you have to go past both Ford and Chrysler headquarters at the end of their shift.  It was lunatic.  The crazy thing is that people protect their position making it impossible to change lanes.  This was especially bad near Chrysler headquarters.  I did eventually get to Andrew’s apartment and we went out to eat.  I needed a drink to take the edge off the drive.  I really don’t miss the rat race at all. 


I got up early and headed to Cranbrook to join Meg, her roommate and her roommate’s father for breakfast.  I had scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast. 


Powder-Puff Jerseys


Then it was off to Chem-Lab for the first two periods of the day.  The experiment was to burn magnesium and see what the mole ratio and mass ratio with oxygen was.  The only tricky part of the experiment was to control the rate of reaction so that the crucible didn’t explode.  I guess if you heated it too fast the magnesium would burn white hot.  We did watch some of the kids have slightly out of control reactions.






Meg was able to do her calculations during the lab.  She had a 1.3% error on mass ratio and a 0% error on mole ratio.  She also helped a couple of other students do the calculations. So that was a very satisfactory result.




Then we had math and American History AP.  They have white boards in all the classrooms.  Technology has really improved and the teachers were actively using the technology.  This was a big change from the last time I was here.  The last time was 2-3 years ago, the technology was available but the teachers had not embraced it completely.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I think it can enhance the experience, but also may detract.




English is not my favorite subject.  I cringe just thinking about it.  It was painful for me in High School and I managed to skirt it in college and grad school.  I did manage to survive another hour of it, but I think my blood pressure went up due to the strain.  Fortunately we had lunch and weaving to lower my blood pressure.  I had chicken and mystery fish for lunch.  The desserts were good.






Meg tested out of Latin II last summer.  Latin III is a real challenge for her.  She has a lot of friends in the class that can help her with the homework.


Powder-Puff Football Game


After school was the Homecoming Pep Rally and traditional Powder-Puff football game.  This is a flag football game between the Senior Girls and the Junior Girls.  It must be fairly serious because it cost the field hockey team three key athletes;  sprained ankle, sprained knee and broken arm.  I suspect next year the coach will forbid any players from playing in this game.  Meg regrets that she didn’t make it to any practices because she was relegated to being a cheerleader.  The Juniors outplayed the Seniors, but with some refereeing help the score was tied.  So the Seniors escaped undefeated.  They tied last year too.


New Mandarin Garden


Andrew picked us up after the game and we went to dinner at the New Mandarin Garden.  It was our favorite Chinese restaurant when we lived in West Bloomfield.  I enjoyed the meal.  We dropped Meg off at the Homecoming Bonfire and I went to a College Counseling meeting.  We have to start to think beyond High School for Meg.


Saturday morning I went to a Dean’s Open House for breakfast.  Then I picked up the girls and took them to a cider mill for their breakfast.  It was drizzling and proceeded to rain the rest of the day.  We got hot cider, cold cider, a pumpkin for their room and some apples.  We also picked up an apple pie.  The pie was for a homecoming party that Meg was going to.


Cider Mill


Then we went to Andrew’s apartment to pick up Meg’s dress and spend the afternoon.  We went out to lunch and then watched a movie.  It was a low key afternoon.  Here is Meg in her dress.


Homecoming Dress


The theme for Homecoming was the Emerald City.  This dress fit right in.  Meg went to her party, then out to dinner at a Fondue Restaurant and then to the dance.  She says she had a great time.


Andrew and I just hung out at the apartment for the evening.  He had some homework he needed to do.  We did eventually go out and get a chicken dinner.  I stopped to see Meg on my way to the airport.  I dropped off the rental car and got home to Wichita in good form.


All in all, a very fine weekend.



Mark and Wink