Our Big Purchase


Winkís Christmas present was to get some new cabinets so she could get her quilt room unpacked.As she unpacked she uncovered several old projects that were waiting to be quilted.Here is an example of a piecing project.


Quilt Project


She never learned to master machine quilting on her old machine.Her sewing machine was as old as Dadís Subaru.Technology has changed a little bit in the past ten years.Her old machine is good for machine piecing her projects, but it is hard to learn to machine quilt with it.So it was time to get a new machine that automatically adjusts sewing speed for machine quilting.There will be some learning time, but hopefully she can get caught up on some of her projects.


Machine Piecing Station


So the quilt room is filling up with work stations.There is the machine piecing station, cutting table, ironing board, and fabric cabinets.The new addition is the quilting station with a new Bernina 440 QE sewing machine.


Quilt Room with Guard Dog


We purchased it last weekend and are getting it set up today.


Setting Up


Power Up


This machine comes with an embroidery package.We upgraded the basic package to let us design our own projects.


Practice Machine Quilting


New Sewing Station


Andrew arrives tonight for spring break.It will be nice to have him around for a week.I will let you know what kind of adventures we have in a blog after he leaves.


All for now:



Mark and Wink