Oktober Update


About this time last year we started a QUEST.  The objective was to find the best burger in Wichita.  We even developed a spreadsheet to keep score.  So every Friday we go on a quest to find the best burger in Wichita.  Meg recently asked me to document the quest for her.  When she was here over the summer she made a few quests with us and enjoyed it.


This Friday’s quest was special.  Being the Friday before Halloween, it was necessary to mark the upcoming event.  So we went to Stroud’s in North Wichita.  This is an old family style restaurant.  Here we are arriving at Stroud’s.





There was a fireplace near the bar.  There was a bit of chill to the air, so the fire was a nice touch.  Wink met us for this quest.  Now for a bit of trivia; Did you know there was no chicken in chicken fried steak?  I guess it was news to me too.


Lunch Family Style


Now inquiring minds would ask why we would do a quest at a family style fried chicken restaurant.  The answer is quite simple.  We went for the Pumpkin-Spiced beer.  It was a wheat beer.  Ah beer!  But we had to go back to work after, so all we got was a taste.


Here is a picture from last summer.  This one was from Timbuktu in Andover.  It is a wee bit of a biker bar, but is fairly tame at lunch.  One of the ladies ordered the chicken fried steak here.  It was their half pound burger breaded and deep fried.  That was truly a heart stopper.


Timbuktu: Andover, Kansas


We have had a lot of fun on this quest.  There was one dive that one of us was afraid to go into alone.  So he waited until the rest of us arrived and asked if we really wanted to go in there.  We went in and it was reprised later because when we told stories about it, the ones who missed the event wanted to check it out.  The appetizer special in another place was: wings, rings and dangling things.  We will have reprise that after work some day to fully experience that event.


Hunting Update:  I went out after work Friday.  There were no fresh tracks after Friday morning’s rain.  I didn't see a lot of activity and went and sat in the stand in the slot until 15 minutes after sunset.  All I saw were a red squirrel and a fox squirrel up until sunset.


As I got out of the stand, I saw four deer up near the road.  There were two two-year old bucks practicing combat.  This was the first time I had seen that in the wild.  There was an older buck making a scrape nearby.  That was also a first for me.  As I walked out via the road, I spooked a big bodied deer from near the  two person stand where Meg shot her deer last year.


I could also hear the turkeys bedding down but didn't see any.


So after a boring couple of hours, I got my moneys worth on the walk out


Special Update: Cranbrook Halloween Dance



Meg Getting Ready








Meg said that Sherman’s costume was a big group effort! They painted sheets and used up a bit of tinfoil…


Tire Travails


Turns out the Halloween spooks were out in force today. Yesterday Wink  had four new tires put on the Sable and I had my left rear tire repaired.  There was a slow leak, it turns out from the valve stem.   Today when I went to drive to work to try and re-start a program that crashed on me yesterday, I found that my right rear tire was entirely flat.  Wink and I managed to get the old tire off and put on the doughnut spare.  Luckily Sears was open on Sunday and I could wait in line to have the tire repaired.  Something had punctured the tire but they were able to repair it.  However it took so much time that I never made it into work to restart the program…


Happy Halloween All.


Love Mark and Wink