Nuther Week in Kansas


It has been another week in Kansas.†† We have had several tornadoes in Kansas this week.Fortunately none was close to us, so no trips to OZ.I will leave it for you to decide if we had an eventful week, genteel reader.


Picture 1


Picture 2



Blueberry Strawberry and Coconut Pancakes


20 Bags of Mulch


Vermont Castings Grill









OK, I guess a little explanation is due.


We had a party Monday night.It was a NCAA Menís finals.They were not exciting.It would have been much better to have a Womenís finals party Tuesday.The Menís finals were not at all exciting.Basically, Florida crushed UCLA.The game was over early.So there was plenty of room to party.We invited Markís work group over to watch the game.The good news was we cleared the decks up stairs and in the basement.The whole house had a metamorphosis.Junk seemed to evaporate.The garbage man had a heyday.


One would expect that the camera would work without any problems.One would have very high expectations indeed.The shutters didnít open resulting in picture 1.After some investigation we resolved that the lens cover was not opening automatically. After a little persuasion, it opened properly and we got picture 2.We had about twenty guests.This was the first large scale party we had since moving here.We had at least two guests that were uncomfortable with birds.We were sensitive to there needs and introduced them to Verdi Bird.DUH.


So we had a quiet week from Tuesday to Saturday. Ha Ha.Spirit AeroSystems had an Aircraft Interior Noise Workshop Thursday and Friday.My Boeing contact, Evan Davis flew in Tuesday.We had dinner at Tedís Montana Steak House that night.Evan had buffalo steak.It would have been a good experience except the waiter who was too young to drink offered wine recommendations.He was annoying all night.Somehow we managed to survive, however not with a positive Kansas experience.Evan and I reviewed Markís work on Wednesday.That night we went to ATF Gallmanís house and had venison backstraps and too much wine for dinner.Mark enjoyed it very much.


Thursday and Friday we had the workshop.Sixty-six people signed up for it.It included people from Boeing, Airbus, Cessna, Bombardier, Raytheon, Gulfstream, Spirit, and NASA.It was a lot of fun.For the most part, the presentations were very good.For aircraft interior noise, Spirit was the place to be last week.


On Saturday morning, we spread twenty bags of mulch.Then Saturday night we went to Verdiís Requiem.It was so stirring that Mark slept through 50 minutes of the ninety minute Requiem. Or perhaps it was due to the spreading of twenty bags of mulch.Sunday morning we had blueberry-strawberry and coconut pancakes andÖ


Things would be pretty straight forward, butÖÖÖ.We had the Globe Cafť grill of many, many posts.It has been rehabilitated twice since itís original introduction.It didnít tolerate the move as well as we might like.It is old enough that the replacement parts are no longer available.Mark was the last one to the party.It was time to replace the grill.We did our research and got the Consumer Reports highest e=rated medium sized grill, a Vermont Castings.


We had a few minor mishaps on the way.Mark had the tray table up side down.So we stripped a screw fixing this minor inconvenience.Of course the directions were abundantly clear so that this misconception couldnít happen.Wink was kind enough to say we got through the assembly with the minimum of colorful words.


I guess the biggest screw up was over hot and warm.The largest gas flow was as the nozzle was turned on and not the farthest counterclockwise it was turned.If Mark didnít have blended bifocals, this might have been resolved earlier.So the grill was not properly seasoned before we used it.But use it we did.We cooked Teriyaki Chicken.It worked out very well.


Other than that not too much happened.


Wink said to be sure to mention we could smell the neighbors using their grills all winter long.


It seems sometimes Markís donít give up on the idea of rehabilitating their favorite grills in a timely fashion.


But there is hope, as even Markís can be rehabilitated.




Mark and Wink