Not Much Nooz


Wink got tired of looking washed out and had her hair dyed reddish medium brown.


Mark and Verdi bird looking pretty


We had a busy weekend.  Friday night we went to a chess party at a neighbor’s house.  A good time was had by all. 


Saturday morning, Mark went hunting.  The weatherman said the low for Wichita was supposed to be 43 degrees and Mark dressed accordingly.  The low was closer to 33 degrees and Mark was not dressed appropriately.  Mark was deer hunting.  There was a flock of young turkeys that came within 15 yards of the tree stand, but it was early and there was still hope of a deer coming so the turkeys skated.  There was a second larger flock on the Eastern field.  They were gobbling away.  There was a mature doe with two grown fawns that stayed out of bow range.  It was a pleasant sunrise.


Saturday evening we went to the first symphony classics concert of the year.  Wink agreed with the newspaper review that the concert was a little over ambitious for so early in the season. They opened with Rossini’s overture from “Tancredi” which was very good and Chee Yun’s treatment of Bruch’s Violin Concerto No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 26  was worth the ticket price but Mahler’s symphony No. 1, the Titan, never jelled and was awkward, just not quite right.


We slept in Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon was spent at the ballet.  It was the Wichita and Friends University troops together. They performed “Les Sylphides” and Balanchine’s “Barrocco” which were perfect together. Then they performed The  Firebird which had a fun story and wonderful costumes. There was something for everyone and they did a superb job.  It was wonderful.


As to the spider situation, it is still a draw.  This beastie has been in the trap about a week and he is still alive.  I think this is the biggest one I have seen so far.  We are seeing fewer of them but I wouldn’t go barefoot in this house yet. 


Grandpa Spider ? The darned things are still around  L



Mark and Wink