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We went to our May wine tasting.  We purchased a monthly tasting subscription at the Midwest Wine Fest.  This was our first monthly wine tasting at the Dionysus Wine Club.  The meeting was May 15, 2006:  America’s Pride – Red Zinfandel.  With only minor directions delays we arrived at the tasting in good order.  There were about 80 people there.  Here we are at the tasting.


The Crowd


The tables were arranged for eight.  At each place setting there were six wine glasses with a taste of one Zinfandel in each glass.  There was also a glass of water and a table setting.  Here is a look at the table.


Table Setting


Our Table


Wine selection:


Seghesio Old Vine Zinfandel 2003, Sonoma County – 15.3%  $28/bottle  (3,1)


Rosenblum Eagle Point Zinfandel 2003, Mendocino County – 15.9%  $30/bottle (2,0)


Biale “Napa Ranches” Zinfandel 2002, Napa Valley – 15.8% $33/bottle  (5,0)


Earthquake Zinfandel 2004, Lodi - 15.9%  $29/bottle  (1,3)


Bridgeway Cellars Zinfandel 2002, Sonoma County – 14.8%  $18/bottle  (6,0)


St. Francis Old Vine Zinfandel 2003, Sonoma County – 15.8%  $23/bottle  (4,2)


The wine was served with a meal.  The meal selection was barbeque chicken.  There was a selection of breads, crackers and cheeses.  There was also a salad, green beans, rice and barbequed chicken filets.  The old timers took both a bread plate and a food plate. 


We tasted the wines before eating and then retasted the wines with the food.  It was remarkable how the perception of the wine changed when there was food.  Pairing of wine and food can be quite an art.  At the end of the wine selection is listed the alcohol content, cost and the club rating and our individual preferences.


I expect to enjoy the rest of the wine tastings.  This summer we will focus on white wines.  One of the tastings is supposed to be New Zealand wines.  We have used New Zealand wines for entertaining before.  It should be good!


Frodo has a keen interest in Verdi


Frodo has taken an interest in the bird.  Verdi desires the freedom Frodo has to move about the house.  Frodo thinks that if Verdi can eat people food, Frodo should be able to as well.  Fruits and vegetables are normal food for the bird, so he often gets to sample people food.  Verdi acts as if he were the dominant animal.  But Frodo barks and chases him when he flies.


Frodo got a new toy.  It is a stuffed squirrel.  Squirrels have been on our bird feeders.  We bought a new feeder so they couldn’t monopolize them.  Frodo just doesn’t have any killer instinct.  Even if he caught a squirrel, he’d just bark it to death.    So far they pay little attention to Frodo until he gets close.


New Toy


Take that Squirrel


Part of the package deal we bid on at the Midwest Wine Festival was a box of custom chocolates a month for a year.  Saturday we went to pick them up.  They had free samples you could taste on the counter.  I must admit I was favorably impressed.  Here is the Artisan Chocolate Shoppe.  Their web page is: http://www.cocoadolce.com/.  Here is a picture of their shop.



Chocolate Shop


Front Desk with Freebies


Making Truffles


It was a most enjoyable experience.  Matching wine with food may be an art, but now we have to add Artisan Chocolates to the mix.  I guess we are planning our meals around wine and chocolates for awhile.  It should be fun.


Frodo got sick in the middle of the night.  He threw up in three distinct places.  I took the dog outside while Wink tried to clean the carpet.  It took more than an hour to get the carpet situation under control even with the cleaning bot.  Wink slept in the next morning.  So I prepared a brunch while she rested.


Sunday was leftover delights day.  We had egg and veggies and mushrooms that needed to be used up.  I was tired of frittatas and decide to search the internet for alternate recipes.  I found a quiche recipe that used has hashbrowns as the crust.  Unfortunately, most recipes for hash browns required that they be boiled, cooled and shredded.  I liked the recipe and so made a crustless quiche anyway.  It turned out pretty well.  I guess we’ll explore that for awhile. We also had a fruit salad.


For dinner, it was leftovers again.  We cleaned out the fridge and put it on a skewer and grilled it.  Add that to rice and asparagus and you have a meal.


Mostly it was a lazy day trying to recover from a crazy night.


It is off to work tomorrow.


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That’s about all going on here.



Mark and Wink