You know you are in Kansas when…………….


I was going to skip the blog for this week.  It was a quiet week after having Andrew here.  Meg was stressing out.  She left for her wilderness experience last night.  It is an eleven day hiking/camping experience that the sophomores can go on at Cranbrook.  It starts five days before spring break and ends five days into it. Looks like bad weather is headed their way…


Meg wants to drop French 4 and add Latin 3 next year.  Ordinarily this wouldn’t be a problem except that she is only taking Latin 1 this year.  We have arranged for tutoring for this summer.  She hopes to test out of Latin 2 in the fall, but didn’t have the paperwork ready.  So we got caught up on that.  Nothing like a deadline to motivate oneself. 


She dropped her stuff off at Andrews.  She will spend the rest of spring break in Detroit with Andrew and her friends.  The wilderness experience includes a 36 hour solo.  Solo is a quiet time for the students to reflect on things.  We rushed to get a solo letter for her to take as well.


We went to the symphony last night.  The soloist was the first chair clarinet.  There were three clarinet pieces and a Beethoven symphony. Never knew how versatile an instrument the clarinet was when played by an experienced musician.  It was a pleasant evening.  We went to the Hyatt again for the afterglow dessert feast, got home late, and chilled before going to bed.  About 5:00 AM there was such a clatter.  At first I thought the dog was tangled in the blinds.  Then there was smashing against the windows.  I went and got the flashlight to see what was going on.  It was quite a surprise:




Well, wouldn’t you know it, our cars were parked outside in the driveway.  Wink didn’t volunteer to pull them into the garage.  But she says we will park them in the garage by next weekend.  I didn’t know garages were for cars.  I thought they were staging areas for junk.  The weather show lasted about half an hour.




The dog and I managed to fall asleep after a little tossing and turning.  Wink said she had a harder time.  So it was a lazy day for us today.  By the way, it was 84 degrees by noon and windy today.  Quite a change in the weather from 5 AM to noon.  We decided we would have to get a weather alert radio if we are going to stay in Kansas long term. The locals seem to get excited about “spring weather” so maybe we’d better be forewarned and prepared.



Mark and Wink