Kansas Wild Life


Quick report out………  They were Brown Recluse Spiders and apparently we had more than our share of them.  They like to live in colonies and we have an infestation of them.  The Orkin man came and treated the house on Tuesday.  The treatment forced some of the larger spiders out of hiding.  We caught two of them in the master bedroom.  I counted eighteen dead ones on the floor of the storeroom.  We have many spider traps spread throughout the house.  So we will work on reducing and controlling their numbers as much as practicable/possible.


On another note, we found this little lady stuck in the road.  She wasn’t able to climb the curb.  So we gave her a photo op and then let her go.


Kansas Ornate Box Turtle


The ornate box turtle is the state reptile of Kansas.  It is a terrestrial turtle.  We found one last summer when we were looking for land for deer hunting.  Wink also saw one in the front yard.  I think this is a mature female specimen.  She lost a foot somewhere along the way.  But it is well healed and she seems to have adapted well.


Missing Foot


So we let her go in the prairie that is her native habitat.  There she goes:

Free at Last


Sorry Hit My Quota and will post pictures later after I delete some older posts.




Here are Meg’s LAX Pictures:

The Goalie


The JV LAX Team


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Mark and Wink