Happy Spring


Looks like we are going to start spring off with a couple of inches of snow.  It’s been so dry here, even the snow is welcome.  We just had two days of light rain.  The paper says it is not enough to move us from our drought status.


Meg is still on her Wilderness experience.  So far so good as far as we know.  I guess we’ll get an update next Thursday when she is at Andrew’s apartment.  It should be quite a tale.


We had our first guests in the house.  We are also getting the house ready for a NCAA finals party a week from tomorrow and we still have a long way to go to get it ready.  But it is the journey, not the destination that is important.  So we treated our guests to some Black and Tan’s for St. Patrick’s Day.  It was fun.  Here is a visual record for your enjoyment.


Prep: Glasses, Guinness and Bass Ale








Another spring chore has kept me busy.  I am trying to get the taxes all squared away.  Things sure have changed a lot since the last time we moved.  It seems the paperwork has gotten a lot easier or I am really much more confused than I thought.  The IRS will probably ping me and I will have to file an amended return with expensive help.   But right now things don’t look nearly as bleak as I expected.  Even so we are having trouble putting all the paperwork together.


We did go to the Wichita Grand Opera last night.  We had season tickets and last night was the final full Opera of the season-I Pagliacci (The Clowns).  I must admit that I have enjoyed the Opera in Wichita. It helps that our seats are right up front and live music always sounds better.  We also have season tickets to the Symphony.  There is still  one more night of Symphony and a night of Pops until the music season will be over.  We’ll have to find other things to amuse ourselves with on weekends.


Not much else new.



Mark and Wink


Ps… I got an early wake up call this morning after a late night at the Opera.  A robin was checking out the oak tree right outside the bedroom window.  He saw another robin that did exactly what he did.  He gave that other robin quite a thrashing and would have kept it up except I opened the shades and scared him off.  Been tired all day since.