Happy Motherís Day


Last night was Pops night in Wichita.We purchased a table and got a group from work to join us.We thought we were prepared.We had a bottle of wine and a picnic bag full of food.We had cheese and crackers, veggies, chocolates and a steak that we chopped into bite sized bits.As the other tables filled up. It was clear we were neophytes.People brought in large coolers of food and booze.Some tables had multiple coolers.People were really in a party mood.


Wink and Picnic Bag


Party City


Terri and Kirk


The music was great.The crowd really got into the steel drums.We had a good time.The wine helped.†† Really mellow.We had another bottle of our Cardinal Zin from the Wine Fest.


Pandemonium Steel Drum Band


We heard from both our kids today.Andrew called early and we talked to Meg this evening.Meg has her own web site.Her latest blog is http://members.cox.net/mlmoeller/lacrosse.htm. Her home page is http://members.cox.net/mlmoeller/. There is a link to Andrewís comic on her web page.


We had a busy day.We got started a little late.I got cinnamon rolls and sausage for breakfast.I got the real thing and fried it on the stove.Had to make patties and everything.Wink complained it stunk up the house.Well next time Iíll get links and grill them outside.J


I tripped all the breakers to try to get the outside power back on.It didnít work.So then I had to go through the house and find all the gfi sockets.All the gfiís were live until I located the one in the basement bathroom.When I reset it, we had power outside again!.So here is the promised picture of the grill and matching awning.




Frodo decided to help with the redecorating.Wink wanted pictures hung for Motherís Day.So we worked on the house this afternoon.Frodo supervised.









Whale in Context


Wink says the house feels more like our house when we have our things hanging on the walls.We will keep working on it.We have our hanging stuff on the stairs ready to continue hanging pictures.We used the laser level to good effect.So these new fangled things do come in handy.


Now I have to confess, I purchased a new bow.There were two deer I could have shot last year if I had a compound bow.So I broke down and purchased a compound bow.It is a hunting bow with a few gadgets on it.It has a peep site, fall away arrow rest, quiver, release and all sorts of goodies.I can already shoot it fairly decently.Carbon Express arrows fill out the purchase.It is a very good set up. I am pleased with the purchase.


New Bow


New Bow 2


Wink says it looks like a deadly weapon.It is.I have also agreed to re-lease the farm that we hunted last year.So I am looking forward to deer season 2006.


Other than that, things are pretty quiet here.


Tomorrow night is our first wine tasting.We will get to sample Zinfandels.It should be bloggable.


Happy Motherís Day to the mothers out there.



Mark and Wink